While in the land of Achaea you will quickly find that you must obtain material wealth, usually in the form of golden sovereigns. There are a number of ways to earn this gold, ranging from simple quests to producing goods that your fellow Achaeans may find useful, to fulfilling assassination contracts, and so on.

What follows is a brief list of some methods of earning a living:


Achaea's cities are plagued with rats. These disease-ridden rodents live off the detritus of civilization, prowling the streets and the sewers in large numbers. Each city (except for Eleusis) employs a rat collector, who will pay you for the corpses of these rats. This is probably the best way to earn money fast if you have nothing to sell.

In Ashtan, seek the man simply known as the Ratman. 
In Shallam, look for crazy Hakhim. 
In Hashan, the blood-thirsty Liirup. 
In Cyrene, find yourself Jorj, the city caretaker. 
In Mhaldor, look for the filthy Maric, at Pestilent Way.


There are a multitude of quests available that will reward you with gold. This gold may range from just 20 or 30 sovereigns, up to thousands. For newbies, we suggest exploring Minia, Lodi, and Gorshire, as there are many quests there to provide one with money for a shiny new sword, or perhaps a stylish leather backpack.


As you adventure to the more dangerous areas of the land and slay creatures big and small, you may find that some of them possess small or even rather large stashes of gold. In the case of the most powerful monsters, such as the dragon Yudhishthira, this can add up to quite a fat purse. For a list of areas to hunt, check out this Hunting Guide.


With a fishing pole and some bait, you can while away the hours fishing in the lakes and rivers of Achaea. Catch a wide variety of fresh trout, salmon, sturgeon, and more, and reel them in! Just be careful not to snap your line. Catch yourself a bucket full of fish and take them down to a fish buyer for gold. Compete in the yearly and all-time fishing rankings for who's caught the biggest fish!


If you have something to sell, you could go about selling it in a number of ways. The first, and simplest way, is simply to ask the people you know if they need to buy what you're selling. Clearly however, this isn't a very efficient way, and you probably don't know enough people to make a living from.You have three major options to reach a larger audience:

This channel exists for the sole purpose of selling or asking to buy good or services. It is free to use, but probably the most inefficient way of selling goods. Simply speak on it like you would any other channel, but be warned that using it for anything but selling or buying things is prohibited.

There comes a time in any adventurer's life when that dusty old sword isn't really needed anymore and the gold it's worth could better be spent on other things...

Advertisements can be used to list what you have for sale or what you are looking to purchase. They are visible to everyone and exist only to facilitate communication about a particular product or item; they are not involved with the actual purchase of the item (that's left up to the merchant in you!).

Buying a shop requires the most initial investment of these three methods. There are many player shops scattered throughout the cities and Delos. If you wish to buy one, contact the owner of the shop and make him or her an offer. You may sometimes see shops that are closed. This is usually a result of unpaid taxes, resulting in the city closing down the shop. In these cases, it may be possible to purchase the shop from the city. The Chancellor and his or her aides are responsible for the shops of a city. HELP SHOPKEEPING will provide more extensive information about running a shop!

Trade Skills

So what is it you can sell? The answer may depend quite heavily on your class. Current trade skills and class requirements are:

Skill Description Class
Concoctions Harvest a variety of herbs and roots that can be eaten, smoked, and mixed together into various concoctions. Druid, Sentinel, Sylvan 
Forging  Create a selection of armour and weapons, slaving away at the forge.  Paladin, Infernal, Runewarden 
Enchantment  Using magical rituals and the ourobori, create magical items, or enchant existing ones. Magi 
Runelore  Using various coloured inks, inscribe runes onto weapons or players to augment them. You may also sell organizations such as cities or Houses totems to be installed for defensive purposes Shaman, Runewarden
Venoms Secrete about 30 different venoms into your fangs and milk them into vials for sale to weapons users, including yourself. This requires access to a milking room, which are currently only available in select Houses. Serpent
Pranks  Allows you to (among other things) create a variety of bombs that can be sold to other players. You may also sell firecrackers that you can create, for festive occasions. Jesters
Tailoring  Using cloth commodities, create your own designs and sell them to other players. Requires a tailoring permit to be purchased for 200 credits.  Any
Jewellery Craft gorgeous jewellery of your own design, from plain silver earrings to the most exquisite ruby and diamond necklaces, pendants, brooches, hairpins, noserings, and more! Requires a jewellery permit to be purchased for 200 credits.   Any
Cooking Design your own recipes and cook delicious victuals from commodities obtained with the Gathering skill! Requires a cooking permit to be purchased for 200 credits. Any
Inkmilling Create your own inks from commodities obtained with the Gathering skill for use in tattoos, custom-dyed posters and letters, warpaint, and more! Any
Gathering Collect a variety of commodities for use in Cooking and Inkmilling. Any


The Quisalis Mark is a loose organization of assassins named in honour of the 
assassins of Thoth that died at Nishnatoba. In order to join the Mark, you must find Callibius of Thera, and JOIN QUISALIS MARK. Doing so costs 5000 gold.

Once in the Quisalis Mark, you cannot gain grace, but you can be contracted with for assassinations. The key here is that if you are contracted to assassinate someone, you will not be held responsible for it by the administration. If a complaint is filed, the person who paid you for the assassination will be considered to be the person who did the actual killing.


Some adventurers have profited immensely by buying low and selling high later. For instance, one might decide to amass a large amount of gold, purchase credits from amother player with that gold, at a discounted price due to buying in bulk, and then sell the credits later, in smaller amounts, for more gold.

Commodities in Achaea are things needed by various classes (often trade skills) to produce other things. For instance, wood, silver, coal, obsidian, and so on. These are sold in various NPC-run marketplaces around the land, and the prices vary somewhat according to supply and demand. It's possible to purchase all the iron, for instance, and sell it on to the forgers who need it to make their weapons and armour, at an inflated price. Think creatively here. There are endless opportunities.

If you own or have permission to captain a ship, you may be able to find work transporting cargo to and from various harbours throughout Achaea. By purchasing and trading cargo at different ports, you can exchange them for rewards ranging from gold to credits and rare creatures.