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Visit the forums to share your favourite game moments, submit ideas for new features, discuss PvP strategy, or just chat about recent game news with like-minded people.

Artisanal and Bardic Contests

Looking for player-created art and writing? Want to submit your own for a chance to win fame and free credits? The monthly Artisanal and Bardic contests are a treasure trove of works by our talented players.

Achaean Lore Wiki

If you ever wondered who exactly the Te'Serra are, or why the triton state of Scyros always seems to be at war, you'll find answers at Achaea's official wiki. Created and maintained primarily by players, this is an excellent source of Achaean lore.


Do you use a third-party client to access Achaea? Do you want some help creating settings to make your gameplay even easier? Check out this section of the official Iron Realms site.