Common RPG Terms in Achaea

Often, role playing games can have their own lingo. If you're new to Achaea, you'll probably hear phrases you haven't heard in other rpg games before. This basic list of common terms should help you adapt better!

The 'realms': Generally speaking when someone logs in they have 'entered the realms', and when they log off they have 'left the realms', when they are gone they are 'not in the realms', and when they're around, well, it's gotten redundant and I think you get the point.

Aeon: Aeon literally means lag, and if something is laggy it is Aeonic. Aeon came to mean lag from the time that the affliction Aeon slowed your actions, and the Aeon affliction itself was crafted in the name of the Achaean god Aeon himself. He is, in short, the God of time, and thus whenever 'time' isn't flowing right it's blamed on Aeon. Example: You're fighting a friend, and suddenly everything freezes up because of lag. You lose, obviously, and blame it on 'Lord Aeon', because you died to lag. If everyone is having lag problems because of a server issue, then you might complain about the realms being Aeonic, or laggy.

Daydreaming: A way of saying someone is AFK or not paying attention to their character without breaking role play.

Credits: An in-game currency that can be bought with real life money or earned you're a diligent worker. You can earn them in-game by levelling, and buying them off the credit market, as well as given to you by friends. If you're going to play an Iron Realms game you enjoy you're likely to make plenty of credits as you do anyways, though a small donation can't hurt.

Artefacts: Enhanced weapons or magical items that can be bought with credits, granting the unique powers. Such items include healing rings, high-damage battleaxes and even completely customized pets that never die.

Loyals: Any creature or NPC that belongs to a player or an organization is a 'loyal'. You'll hear this term a lot as a newbie, as you'll often be warned not to attack any loyals!


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7:08 PM

Oh can't be forgetting Newsing. Which is the act of entering the news room, which takes you into a quiet area, that no one can see you, talk to you, or interact with you.

Another that was supah confusing to me was Rift. Like a whole in the universe that you can hide all your goodies in, by goodies I mean commodoties, Herbs, Crystals, Ingredients, Inks and a few other things!

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8:58 PM

Ents are good one to know, referring to Occultist entities, loyals you can summon to follow you.

Divine refers to the administrators, who take on the roles of Gods in game and directly interact with the characters.

Soulrip is when you forcibly drop connection for some reason and have to log back on.

Plenty of others, but you get used to it fast!

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7:56 AM

There are so many of them, that listing them all would be a waste of time. But after reading it i felt a desire to see just a couple more.

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9:02 PM

Though the first is somewhat Out of Character, it's a common phrase for going linkdead...

The second is basically another term for Out of Character. If you are talking about computers or Real Life things you will often be called insane, or it could be said you are speaking insanely. Huzzah!

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1:23 PM

Can be used in terms of Lag, or the God.

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3:19 PM

Mistell = Sending a private message to the wrong person, often happens if two people have a similar name. For instance you send a tell to Das, but he is not online so instead your message goes to Daslin. It can be embarrassing depending on the contents of the message. The way you combat this is by putting a period after the name of the person you are sending a tell to, like; Aktillum. Hi there!

Room = Usually short for "room name", the name of the location your character is standing. It can be outdoors, indoors, underwater, every single location has a "room name".


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10:31 PM

How about denizens?

Most often people don't know what these are, but refer to them as NPCs.

I have always been curious what the IC term is for soulripped or ripped? I've been using braindead, but that seems forced.

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3:36 PM

I don't know, probably time to come up with one. I propose severed, as in severed from the realms, not brilliant but a more edifying concept than soulrip.

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6:27 PM

Soulripped always seemed IC to me, because we literally see the soul come back into the body when the person manages to reconnect.

YMMV, I suppose.

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7:36 AM

"He's daydreamy."

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11:30 AM

"Enemy".. When somebody says 'enemy' a person they usually mean 'declare so and so as a personal/org enemy'.

"Room".. Huh? Room? I find it awkward when people use the word 'room' when they can use other general terms such as 'area', 'location', etc.

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3:41 AM

I agree, "room" is almost as OOC as "cause".

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6:20 AM

I used to be confused with 'rez' but found out quickly enough when I died.

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7:18 PM

When someone dies, but is brought back using a starburst tattoo.

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5:03 AM

No. It's not been recently's been destroyed (turned to dust), usually heard over a city or an Order channel.

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3:36 AM

Thank you! I have never heard anyone say this, and I never knew how to describe lag. It always felt so awkward trying to explain it!

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2:15 PM

I remember when starting Achaea it took me about three real months to really get a hang of the basic controls, and way longer than that to learn to really play. I think stuff like this maybe should be made into a scroll for newbies that is explained by mentors. But, in my first hours on the game, I didn't even know how to read a scroll.

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4:50 AM

thanks i have been looking for in game names of things i always look stupid when trying to rpg and dont knwo what to call things

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7:08 AM

Someone write an Achaean Vocabulary.

how r u?

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12:49 PM

I think slang should be included in the Achaean Wiki.

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4:45 AM

It would make it a little less sparse certainly.

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5:48 PM

How about creating a help scroll (<-- also a nice term) for a words that might confuse newcomers?

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7:31 AM

and Burrowing, and Empties, and Iso....

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6:55 PM

I didn't know what that meant when it happened to me the first times. Wait, what flows?

Little ones, they scream like bunnies~

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8:42 PM

Let the irony commence. I should be a druid so I can grove flow to people. Fluid is flowing.

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1:18 AM

Great info for those starting off in this wonderful realm!

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12:45 AM

Like learning a new language!

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5:38 AM

It was a little weird at first when I heard and learned how "bashing" or "hunting" refer to the PvE, as is the term in the popular MMORPGs, and "combat" refers to the PvP!

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8:40 AM

What does "E" stand for in PvE? I just stick to either "bashing" or "hunting", but it'd be a nice thing to know...

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7:03 AM

Player versus Environment

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9:59 AM

oh thanks, that's news to me.

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1:46 PM

It's certainly a good one to know. I still prefer to use terms 'bashing' or 'hunting' instead, though.

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4:15 PM

Yeah, I typically use "bashing"

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9:28 PM

I prefer 'hunting' myself. 'Bashing' feels too gamey, to me.

Then again I used 'hunting' in WoW and Rift too, and there wasn't much incentive to stay IC there, so maybe I'm just weird?

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1:23 AM

Yeah, sometimes I feel bad using the bashing term. It feels too mmporg to me...

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6:53 PM

We I said hunting some people even said "What!?"

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11:56 PM

Good to know. I admit I was a little surprised when I heard words like daydreaming and Aeon and all that. There are still a few out there that befuddle me, but this helps clear up some of the beginner questions I had, thanks!

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2:48 PM

Sometimes I have trouble understanding what people mean when they are explaining a bad internet connection with in game terms, hah.

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8:40 AM

People also use the term "sleep" for being dormant, and when they return from dormancy, they've "woken up"

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11:57 AM

This is useful, thanks!

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6:39 PM

There's a lot of other terms that seem to be class-specific... Looks like all of the general ones are covered here, but chances are someone in your House can fill you in if you're confused about another one...

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6:16 AM

Trial of Rebirth (n.) - The introductory tour before you actually play Achaea (registration of character at the end of the Trial). This is where you learn the most basic commands of the game. For avid roleplayers: a huge event that your character goes through upon turning 18 (or 17 in special cases). Refer to Pasiphae, Severian, Gruul, and Ceylon.

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7:34 PM

One of the best things to get new people into the game!

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3:12 AM

Sapience (n.) - The main continent where the action of the game takes place (most of the time). In game term used synonymously with "Achaea." Example: Achaean is the language used by all of Sapience. Refer to Meropis, off-plane, and Achaea.

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11:05 PM

I know that the game defines levels as simply being levels, but I don't know... Discussing levels and experience as raw numbers seems to be iffy at best.

I've tried calling levels "epiphanies," as in, "I just reached my 70th epiphany," but most people don't seem to understand that... Any suggestions?

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12:38 AM

Clementius - the old head admin and coder - made it very clear that, ICly, they're called levels. If you're going to refer to them by a number anyway, call them by what the ubergod has said they should be.

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7:54 AM


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6:50 PM

People even in real life could say that, but really people stopping their hearts simply because they can, I know you can RP that but really... some people simply say that it is because they felt like it... REALLY!!!

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5:05 PM

I try to say resurrection, but honestly I often use ress. Bad me.

It's so funny to teach all these words to new players though. It usually baffles them.

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1:18 PM

Thanks for the definition of Aeon. If I had heard the term in play, I would never have guessed at its meaning. Soulrip was another new term for me. Thanks to all contributors.

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3:50 PM

Thank you for all of those terms.
Very helpful.

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10:07 AM

There is also.. an insect problem or an entomology thing... if you want to refer to a bug

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6:29 PM

Huh. I thought I knew most of the terms by now but apparently I didn't - this was pretty helpful.

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8:37 AM

but useful to new players - I wish I'd had someone explain these to me when I started!

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10:53 AM

But it would be good to get a list as a newbie to know what people were talking about.

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7:06 PM

You think, being an experienced player, that you know what everything means but even now some of these were new to me

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4:12 AM

heh people that said they were experiencing aeon, when I knew they weren't engaged in combat, confused the heck out of me for the longest time

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5:17 PM

It was good to read this article again.  I know all the mentioned terms by now, but this article helped me a lot in the beginning of this incredible gaming experience.

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