Achaea's Classes

With 18 incredibly diverse and imaginative classes to choose from, you'll never run out of new things to try!

The amphibious grook.


Enigmatic figures wielding the power of the ether.

The Blademaster is an elemental swordsman, pairing physical strikes with slashes of his named blade.


Masters of the legendary Two Arts.

A xoran knight


Evil knights employing necromantic magic.

The flying feet and fists of the Monk are a formidable foe.


A class that forges mind, body, and spirit into a unified whole.

An atavian Priest, armed with Devotion and a spiritual mace, is accompanied by the Guardian Angel


Holy warriors with a fearsome guardian angel by their side.

With dirk in hand, the Serpent stalks the moonlit rooftops.


Masters of venoms, hypnosis, and subterfuge. Perhaps the trickiest class.

Death falls to those who cross the diabolical Apostate.


Evil, necromantic daemon summoners.

A master of shadows, the Depthswalker stalks in darkness with scythe and dagger.


Manipulators of shadows and time.

The atavian Jester masters acrobatics to create a frustrating and powerful opponent.


Happy-go-lucky pranksters and roguish entertainers.

A grook Occultist is a fearsome master of the forbidden and esoteric arts of Chaos.


Chaos-loving summoners of extra-planar entities.

A rajamala Runewarden c;lad in fullplate wields his Runeblades to great devastation.


Mystic knights who employ runic lore alongside their swords.

A Shaman wielding curses and vodun.


Mystical spirit channellers who supplement their powers with Vodun dolls and curses.

A horkval.


Swashbuckling troubadour adventurers.

A Druid at home in the forest.


Forest-loving metamorphs.

The Magi is an elemental master.


Masters of the four elements and crystalline vibrations.

A Paladin, armed with fearsome weapons, wields devotion and steel in the name of Good.


In service to Good these knights wield their devotion as well as their weapons.

A sireni Sentinel surveys the land, with her wolf by her side.


Metamorphing forest skirmishers with animals for assistance.

A rajamalan Sylvan.


Grove-tending weatherweavers who propagate the bounty of the land to become a Viridian entity of the forest.

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