The Cities of Achaea

City-states, or simply cities as they are commonly called, are player-run, autonomous organisations. Each city has a number of Houses within it, as well as markets, player-owned shops, governmental headquarters, barracks, residential subdivisions where players own homes, casinos, bars and taverns, restaurants, parks, banks, post offices, and so on. Each city tends towards a particular ethos, often demonstrated by the city's choice in Divine Patron.

Further, cities provide somewhat safe havens for their citizens, as the city may hire a variety of guards to patrol the streets for known enemies of the city.


Ruling council: Archons
City leader: the Overseer
Ashtan, Bastion of the North, lies on the northwest shore of Sapience and has been known since the days of legend as a powerful force on land and sea. Espousing the ideal of freedom and historically a home to Chaos, within the city can be found the Houses of the Shadowsnakes, the Occultists, the Warlocks of the Rising Phoenix, and the Ashura.


Ruling council: Lumarchs
City leader: the Dawnlord
Targossas, the Dawnspear, is the fortress of the Light in a world threatened by Darkness, Evil, and Chaos. Founded by the refugees of fallen Shallam upon the eastern shore of Sapience, where the Silverveil River descends in two glittering waterfalls into Solace Bay, it is wholly dedicated to the Bloodsworn Gods Aurora and Deucalion.


Ruling council: Regents
City leader: the Seneschal
Nestled within the foreboding Northern Ithmia forest, the small village of Hashan has grown from its meagre beginnings to a major city, earning her title as the Crown of the Ithmia. Steeped in mysticism, the city is home to the Spirit Walkers, the Sect of the Black Lotus, the Cult of the Serpent Lords, and the enterprising Merchants of the Crown.


Ruling council: Senators
City leader: the Imperiate
Among the cold mountain peaks of southern Sapience lies the quiet city of Cyrene, the Heart of the Vashnars. Valuing respect above all else and disdaining those of evil or chaotic natures, the city shelters the Arcane Kindred, Ty Beirdd, the Wardens of the Cerulean Spire, and the Mojushai in its walls.


Ruling council: Viceroys
City leader: the Tyrannus
Situated atop an island to the west of Sapience and permeated by malevolent red fog, Mhaldor is known as the City of Evil. A forbidding destination, its citizens are dedicated to strength and domination in all pursuits; among its stern citizenry are the Maldaathi, the Ebon Fist, the Naga, and the Blood Congregation.


Ruling council: Leath-ris
City leader: the Speaker
High in the treetops of the Eastern Ithmia lies the forestal village of Eleusis. Devoted to nature, her inhabitants live in harmony with the forest around them, and dryads and treekin are common sights along the lofty paths. Within the arboreal community dwell the Sentinels of Nature and the Sylvanic Fellowship.

City Government

In general, cities are governed democratically, with each qualified citizen having one vote. The populace of a city elects the members of the ruling council, some voted in by direct election and others by representative appointment. The ruling council then elects one of its own to be the supreme head of the government. This leader appoints the bureaucracy, which wields most of the administrative and executive power. The heads of each of the bureaucratic offices (known as ministries) can appoint an unlimited number of aides to assist him or her in the duties of office.

The ten ministries are:

Success in politics is considered by many to be the highest achievement in Achaea, and it is no coincidence that every mortal who has ascended into Divinity led one of the great cities.

City Ranks

As you assist in your city-state, perhaps by becoming an aide to one of the ministries, or by helping out generally, the city leaders and elders may grant you city favours. These will help you rise in rank in your city. Each city-state has six unique ranks, with powers associated with some of the ranks. You may give city favours to others upon reaching the highest rank.