Choosing a Race for Roleplay

Regardless of the game you play, picking a race is one of the first decisions you will make. For some players, it is nothing more than a choice of ideal statistics to boost their desired class abilities. But with the advent of traits and racial specialisations in Achaea, things have opened up a great deal. No longer are the realms teeming with extra fast Rajamala or Grooks with heads swollen with intelligence! Now you can pick a race without making a sacrifice for combat over roleplay or aesthetic appeal. You can further make the most of this by embracing your race's history and really fleshing out the body you inhabit.

If this has proven hard for you, the following considerations might assist in adapting to the new freedom offered:

Some races have wonderful, intricate histories encompassing age-old wars, angst, and emotions woven over centuries of in-game lore. Take this into your character, join a racial clan and encourage the roleplay with others. If your Dwarf is descended from a clan persecuted through the years by Rajamala, grab this and run with it, tailoring your choices and interactions accordingly. Prejudice is something we seek to avoid in our day-to-day lives, but in a game driven by conflict, a derogatory nickname, dirty look, or blatant refusal can go a long way to opening up new avenues of roleplay for you and further bring your character to life. 

Perhaps the history of your race is murky and undefined, like the fire-breathing Xoran. In that case, ponder what personality traits that the physiology might inspire. Maybe your character is a xenophobic refugee or a hot-tempered, savage creature. Perhaps your character views himself as nothing more than a future handbag! Make the most of your description to enhance these traits. Do you have ears? If not, why wear earrings? Do you sport a tail? How would everyday garments like skirts and trousers interfere with that?

Rajamalas, instead of grooming yourselves, hiss and let the fur on your hackles rise when you get angry. Winged creatures, make the most of those gorgeous feathers and exercise your superiority over the flightless humanoids! Let these characteristics and more shine through in your emotes; it's the little things that really make your character unique.

If racial eminence and purity of blood mean a great deal to your character, consider the choice of family and friends they make. Would they court and marry someone of another race? What if a child or sibling reincarnates? How would your character react? These seemingly trivial questions and considerations can lead to long-running implications and interactions for you and for those with whom your character interacts, adding another facet of enjoyment to everyone's gameplay.

 Author: Lianca

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Canopus's picture
10:05 PM

I recently returned to Achaea after quite a hiatus and wanted to try something different mostly due to the drama and stupidity caused by the release of Alchemists and a bunch of other stuff. I picked a Mhun for my new character for roleplay reasons, mostly, and I was glad to be able to do that. The more "min/max" races just didn't appeal to me that much, and I'm really glad I'm not being penalized for placing more of an emphasis on roleplaying.

Cassidy's picture
7:28 AM

I love trying out new classes every now and then.  to try them and see if I like.

Masaryk's picture
8:43 PM

I've tried quite a few races, but I always end up coming back to the Tsol'aa.

Wilor's picture
5:02 AM

yeah tsol'aa is pretty good


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Amaru's picture
2:48 PM

I  would only pick between Raja and Dwarf. For some reason, I just can't think of nothing else to pick. Other then that, on a flip side, horkval monk is nice.

Masaryk's picture
4:55 PM

It's nice when they implimented traits and specializations, so you could basically stay with the race you wanted regardless of class.

Draekar's picture
7:42 PM

So much more racial RP since traits came in, I love it

Azrial's picture
12:45 AM

I do think the RP with races is better since the traits and specialisation changes but I think there is still a stat difference between races that would cause someone to pick a race for stats instead of RP reasons

Malec's picture
11:43 AM

the stat difference is minimal, once you pick your racial spec, there's only a max of 1 point different between similar specs.  i.e.  Tsol'aa sage and Grook Scholar have 15 INT each, while the others, such as Xorani Caster, Satyr Chanter and the like have 14 INT.  From what I've gathered, its all very similar with a few exceptions, Trolls and Rajas can only have a 13 INT max, Grooks can only have a 13 STR max, Dwarves can only have a 13 DEX max.  So, there are plenty of RP options, and still a few races that dont fit in great with some classes, but nothing that can't be worked around if you REALLY wanna play them.  Its not like people expect froggies to be master swordsmen or Trolls to be master mages. 

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Malec's picture
11:44 AM

er.. 2 point difference max, but you get the point


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Juliana's picture
4:21 AM


Kybrae's picture
12:27 AM

the racial abilities are one thing I look at, like, Atavians flying is why I'm almost always playing an Atavian

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8:20 AM


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Friztic's picture
1:21 AM

I like playing a dirty human!

Kaina's picture
8:07 AM

Hehehe, the physical traits on a race are the most fun to play with. Like my character for example. She's a rajamala. A mischievous one, at that. I love one of her descriptions, to where her fangs were larger than average, and caused a lisp, which annoyed people to no end, hehehe.


Amaru's picture
6:18 PM

dwarf... I change my mind. Dwarf is best, just can't wait to get the credits to reincarnate, I got a nice suit of fieldplate

Tarkor's picture
7:44 AM

Dwarf all the way!

Leitara's picture
8:44 PM

Even before all of this, Leitara's always been snooty and condescending to anyone who isn't an Atavian. It's fun.

Perceides's picture
3:50 AM

Dwarves are always my favorite.

Aliath's picture
4:00 PM

They still need to do more to balace racial stats

Hhaos's picture
10:50 PM

Well it all really just depends on what you are looking to do, I mean there's still those that will min/max with races for certain stats, like horkval magi for instance, though they take a hit in the int department, they're still very very defensive

Tarkanian's picture
12:52 AM

Loving dwarf... eager to see the changes to knight classes, as indicated by Cardan in one of the threads.

Goggo's picture
10:26 PM

Dwarf is amazing for RP imo Smile

Jophrae's picture
3:13 PM

I just found out about the new trait system the other day and I think it will probably help alot to balance out gameplay vs roleplay. I usually play Tsol'aa or Atavian.

Mazoth's picture
2:49 AM

I think the combo of racial specializations and traits is fantastic.  Allows more options for within knight classes (which are my favorite) other than raja or maybe troll for min maxing

Murashka's picture
7:25 PM

I also think the race specialization thing is really interesting and I wonder why it's not played up more, say, during the Trial of Rebirth or as a newbie graduation message.