Battle of the Gods

Battling fiercely in the Garden of the Gods, six more deities have fallen from the Pantheon: Indrani, Pandemonium, Mithraea, Melantha, Pentharian, and Tarah. The full story can be found in Events News 404, 405, and 406!


Solteria's picture
12:12 PM

There is enough death in the real world.  This is depressing.

Triak's picture
12:43 AM

Was amazing.

Hyperlith's picture
8:49 PM

agreed, quite the battle royale

I am user 617. I will miss you, unique number thingy!

Tarkor's picture
4:54 PM

I liked it, it was quite epic. Apart from the server crash in the middle Laughing out loud

Halos's picture
2:43 AM

It was amazing. Still waiting on more updates, though.

Daslin's picture
5:13 PM

Server crash made me go WTF?! ACHAEA DEAD?!!?!?! Then it came back and died again lol Stress tested the crap out of it guys!

Boosteya's picture
5:20 PM

Achaea doesn't crash. Lord Aeon just intervenes. So far. Tongue

Diadorus's picture
4:05 AM

I wish I'd been around to have witnessed and participated in this most epic battle.