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The Agelessness of NPCs

NPCs (almost) never age nor kick the bucket in Achaea!

How to Gain Rank in Your Faction

A lot of people ask me in game,"How can I rise in my city/house/order/organization?"

Choosing a Race for Roleplay

With the advent of the Traits and Racial Specialisations in Achaea, things have opened up a great deal. No longer are the realms teeming with extra fast Rajamala or Grooks with heads swollen with intelligence!

Why It's Funny When Other People Get Hurt

One of the more unique things about the online role playing game Achaea are the deathsights. They can be run of the mill such as Person X was slain by the might of Person Y, but they can also show sly humour and interesting tidbits about the world. There is even a book of collected Deathsights in one or two of the Libraries of Sapience.

Why You Can't Win Duels

No matter how good you get, or how many neat little tricks you learn, there's always some reason why people won't acknowledge you as a good combatant...

5 Helpful Hints For Bardic Entries

Iron Realms Entertainment not only offers a variety of RPG games, but it also provides opportunities for players to win game credits that can be used to boost a character’s stats or buy coveted artefacts that do everything from give instant travel abilities to hide a character’s name and location from most of the other players.

The Pros and Cons of Alts

Alt characters give players the chance to experience other classes and organizations of the role playing games. They also provide the option of using the alternative character to have a break from the main character you’ve established.

5 Surefire Ways to Fail in Achaean Leadership

Everyone who has never been a leader of an organisation has a secret list of things they would do if they ever had the chance to be in charge. Not everyone realizes or even admits to having one, but really. They do. We all do.

5 Tips for Effective Leadership in Achaea

Ascending into leadership is difficult at times, but how can one stay and be an effective leader? 


The Anatomy of a Mistell

The nefarious "mistell" wears several disguises... as a matter of public service we'll be examining those misdirecting appearances today. 

Common RPG Terms in Achaea

Often, role playing games can have their own lingo. If you're new to Achaea, you'll probably hear phrases you haven't heard in other rpg games before. This basic list of common terms should help you adapt better!