Here Be Krakens!

Alongside new voyages and seamonster changes, we're making some tweaks to seamonster combat and fixing some long-standing bugs.

  • Seamonsters will no longer stop attacking entirely after they've lost all targets and are re-engaged.
  • Seamonsters will no longer waste attacks on sunken ships.
  • Seamonsters will no longer target a sunken ship when there is another ship to target nearby.
  • Rather than lurking when they've lost their target, seamonsters will return, deeper into the areas of sea they roam.
  • Seamonsters will no longer batter a shielded ship forever. Seamonster attacks that fail due to windshield have a chance to break the shield (higher chance for higher level monsters).
  • Ships that are already sinking will have a low chance to sink outright each time their hull is damaged by a seamonster.

Enjoy and keep a weather eye out, should the ocean turn black you may wish to turn back.

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The effects of Borak's release are not only felt on the land but have also rippled below the waves, reaching across all the oceans!

While all pre-existing seamonster zones remain in effect, there is now a chance of encountering seamonsters virtually anywhere upon the sea while you are sailing!

Further, the SEAFARING talisman set can now be obtained by entirely in-game means (via voyages, see below). Each talisman still requires four pieces to create, and we've made a couple of adjustments to ensure the set makes sense in the context of the modern game:

  • The CROSSBOW has been removed from the set. Existing crossbows remain as normal.
  • The SHIPCHIT now offers a 100% discount on the cost of your next shipfitting enhancement.
  • HELP SEAFARING TALISMANS has all the details of the whole set.

Finally, the harbourmasters and dockworks of mainland Sapience have a number of new VOYAGES to offer to adventurous captains and their crews!

Initially there are eleven diverse adventures available in the Voyage system. Invariably these involve a grand journey on the high seas, venturing forth from island to island, harbour to harbour, coast to coast, in order to complete the objectives, hear the stories, and claim the vast rewards at the end.

These are not to be undertaken lightly! The seafaring life can be a long one, and only the simplest of voyages can be done in a quick jaunt, from a single harbour to a single harbour. Most are much more diverse and cerebral, involving several-leg journeys that aim to tell a varied and robust range of stories, in most cases unfolding as the voyage itself progresses.

When a voyage is concluded, ALL members of the participating crew will be credited with completion and rewarded accordingly.

All voyages offer greatly increased gold and experience rewards over standard quests.

In addition to the standard rewards, most voyages award pieces from the SEAFARING talisman set. Pieces are awarded to the captain when the quest is finished, and these can of course be traded around as desired.

The amount of pieces awarded varies; simple voyages will not yield pieces, others range from 1 piece per ship up to a piece for every member of the crew.

We strongly advise reading HELP VOYAGES which has a much more comprehensive outline of the system include essential info on starting and concluding a voyage quest.

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Oceanic Updates!

As we get ready to release our at sea quests in the near future, we've been going over the data for seamonster trophy turn ins and have made some adjustments. Read on!

As a little background into the design of this system, the aim is to reward people who can take a ship with a crew and go adventuring on the high seas. With this in mind the first alteration is that the gold reward for "normal" seamonsters has been reduced.

Normal seamonsters are your standard megalodon, shraymor, angler fish, and sargassum.

Secondly there is also a daily prize cap on normal and easy seamonster trophies. This is a global cap, Casov will stop paying out for these trophies once that cap is reached. This will reset at Serenade.

With these tweaks made we have also increased the gold rewards for the more difficult and "unicorn" seamonsters, up to 100,000 gold for a trophy in some cases!

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Ideas and Legends!

The team has been hard at working going over some of the approved ideas and making some quality of life updates to the Legends Deck Help!

The Legends Deck help has been entirely overhauled, hopefully making it much easier to find the information you want!

If you're looking for info on a certain suit, simply use LDECK HELP (suitname)!

Did you see someone use a legend card to summon an icewall, but you're not sure which card it was? LDECK SEARCH ICEWALL!

If you are one of those people who just loves a full and verbose Help file, simply use LDECK HELP by itself will list all cards, as well as their associated syntaxes, powers, charges, and cooldowns!

Now for some of your Ideas!

  • FORGING SHOW will now offer an example of the descriptor's effect on an item's examined description.
  • COOLDOWNS is now usable while a soul.
  • SPIN WHEEL when not at the wheel of fortune will tell you how long until your daily spin, or if you have already spun.
  • GMCP Target health should be updated for all players in the room who have the denizen targetted, rather than just the attacker.
  • Cutting the ears off of a decapitated head will now be visible on the head itself.
  • Firelords should no longer require tinderboxes for anything. For obvious reasons.
  • Players may teach class skills that they know regardless of their current specialisation. This affects shikudo, tekura, sublimation, and formulation.
  • The EARRINGS command will now distinguish between master earrings and linked earrings.

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Combat Updates!

We've made some updates to the raiding system with tanks and guards and introduced a new config!

  • Infamy gain from slaying guards now applies to all that participated in the kill, and caps out at a higher threshold (still lower than theft, but substantially greater than previously).
  • Infamy loss to guard deaths has been reduced.
  • You can no longer RETRIEVE TANKS. Instead, one will be drawn from your reserve when you ACTIVATE TANK in a hostile city.
  • You can no longer ACTIVATE or CAPTURE tanks in rooms that have an active guard presence.
  • In the past we've been fairly relaxed about vigilante justice concerning very large guard raids: a single bounty was rarely representative of the loss such raids could incur. In light of these infamy changes, that won't be the case going forward. Please bear that in mind!
  • You can now CONFIG SEEASSISTS! This is OFF by default, but when enabled will upgrade your deathsights to include a total number of players who assisted in the kill.

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Scrapper Updates!

All through November the team has been watching scrappers in action and making updates and alterations as per your suggestions!

  • If you've set a name for one of your scrappers, it'll now show up in deployment menus.
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows total number of kills your scrapper has landed over the course of its life.
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows whether your scrapper has been fed a treat this month yet.
  • In the same vein as RPWHO and SPARWHO, we now have SCRAPPERWHO for those seeking battle partners!
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows you what stats you rolled, so you don't have to keep track of this yourself over the course of a scrapper's leveling.
  • You can now append the level you wish to reroll when using SCRAPPER FEED. If you don't specify a level it defaults to the most recent.
  • Scrappers now have a base attack, to reduce the pain of your scrapper having very low attack at low levels. This will not have a significant impact at higher levels.
  • There is a new CONFIG, IGNORESCRAPPERS to ignore scrapper attacks when you are not engaged in a scrapper battle.
  • You can now SCRAPPER LIST to see all of your scrappers and a brief rundown on their various statistics.
  • Elixirs of life enhancement have had the xp bonus they convey raised from 10% to 25%.
  • Scrappers will now follow you (if possible: same room/elevation/etc) when they undeploy due to being defeated, a match ending, etc.
  • Selecting "no" at the concede confirmation prompt in the battle menu should now correctly clear previous selections. If you encounter any other cases that have a similar issue, please message me - these are now trivial to resolve.
  • If you end your turn without a scrapper deployed, you are ejected from the match.
  • Scrappers no longer heal fully if they level up while deployed.
  • A scrapper's level and prestige is now shown on the PROBE output.
  • The person who initiated the scrapper battle will now see a new option in their menu permitting them to start the battle early once a second player has joined, in the event that they start a battle for up to a higher number of players but unexpectedly lose participation.
  • The Scrapper battle initiation message now includes the number of scrappers that each player may deploy in its text.


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