Eidolic Influence!

With the findings of Tatynne and O'ising mostly shared, the cities of Achaea can now separate the spirit from their Guardian Eidolons and send this spirit forth into the world to claim territory and spread their ethos across the land!

Most territory claiming will be a hostile act, but claiming areas that are allied to your city is considered a protection rather than a hostile incursion. Claimed territories can be challenged and conquered by other cities with an adjacent claim and a raid tank, or by liberation forces with a raid tank.

Expect areas to change when they are occupied! Occupation will be evident in every room and the little girl in Jaru may not be very concerned about her lost kitten if Mhaldor has her village in thrall!

Conquest, protection, and liberation will all generate the spirit resource, this can be spent by the city leader on a whole variety of rewards and bonuses (some rewards will be gated by the number of areas conquered) for your city!

Generation and spending of spirit will be added to the minister reports.

As this system has a lot of moving parts, we will be releasing it in two sections. Today is part 1, part 2 will release on January 31st, just in time for Sarapin 909 AF. See the bottom of this post for the specifics of part 1.

Read on for a teaser of some rewards that spirit can be spent on (this is not a complete list!):

  • city wide bonuses xp/crit/stat
  • city specific deathsight
  • a teleport command - when in home city teleport to someone in an area your city is occupying
  • improvement cost offset (one use per year)
  • shrine shatter - power that destroys a specified god's shrines in your city
  • city specific death sequence
  • factional resource bonus (if not in a class with resource bonus boost wp/endurance)
  • temporarily boost city guard strength
  • temporary artefact powers on command for citizens
  • unlock a city spirit addition for the urn artefact

Specifics about numbers, costs, durations, commands, and more will be announced in part 2.

Part 1 information is as follows:

This encompasses two different systems: the Doctrines and the Spirit Summoning.

Doctrines (See HELP DOCTRINES):


  • create a doctrine for the next campaign (starting the next time Sarapin begins)


  • add an objective (the area name) to this doctrine.
  • CONQUEST means you aim to conquer this area.
  • PROTECTION means if an allied area, you will conquer this. I.E Mhaldor conquers Blackrock, Ashtan conquering New Thera. If a non allied area, you vow to keep this area free from conquest. I.E Cyrene pledging to Moghedu.


  • remove an objective


  • lock the doctrine in, cannot be edited after this is done and it becomes active.
  • All doctrines automatically seal at the start of Sarapin for the relevant year (so all doctrines for 1000 AF will seal at the start of Sarapin 1000 AF if you do not do so manually).


  • read the currently relevant doctrine.
  • check the archives if you specify a year.


  • with no year specified lists all years that had a doctrine.
  • specify a year and it gives the full breakdown for the doctrine for that year.

If you have a sealed doctrine, you can begin work on the one for the following year that will come after the current campaign, if you really want to get ahead of the game!

All organisations can have a doctrine containing five objectives by default. Having a larger highly ranked military relative to total population size will increase this number.

Conquering or liberating an area that you have as an objective in your doctrine will give a bonus to spirit generated by that area. You are free to conquer and liberate areas that are not in your doctrine, but these will not award a bonus to spirit generation.

If Sarapin rolls around and a doctrine is not set, then that year's activity will generate no bonus spirit, only base amounts.

Spirit Summoning (See HELP EIDOLIC INFLUENCE):

With doctrines set (if desired), your next step is to summon the spirit of your city Guardian! We recommend following the findings made by O'ising and Tatynne in their research to do this!

Completing the eventual ritual will result in your spirit Guardian being summoned and the Eidolic phase for your territory claiming efforts being set.

Eidolic Phase:
This is a re-occuring 3 hour (OOC) time span that begins at the time of the spirit summon during which you can move your spirit to and claim an adjacent area (once per RL day.) This will be telegraphed to all of Achaea at the moment of spirit summoning.

The Eidolic phase can only be changed by relinquishing any controlled territory and releasing your spirit guardian, or by losing all of your held territories and your spirit guardian being banished, effectively a full reset in either case.

This phase only determines your conquest activity, it does not affect or limit the liberation efforts or conquest challenges of others!

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The Magic of Memory

Frigid winds gusted across the tundra of Sapience, rippling Pryla'ari's robes as she trekked across the snow. The Tsol'dasi priestess did not mind, for she was well accustomed to cold and had a stalwart goal in mind: further mastery of Memory.

She arrived on the Prelatorian Highway and dusted herself free of frost with a contented sigh, only to quickly be swarmed by adventurers from all walks of life. Some were familiar, others were not, but nonetheless Pryla'ari shared her goals to all and they were beyond eager to lend a hand. In order to enact her ritual, the Priestess of Life required connections not only to the memories of events past but to the Elements of Water, Air, and Fire.

Fire was to be acquired first and it had to come from fabled Minia, more specifically the Ember Tower. Barred by ogres most competent, the Priestess and gathered adventurers sought out a young dwarf by the name of Khovez to breach the lands and acquire the flame they needed. He agreed and set off to strike a deal with the imp alchemist. One fresh pixie corpse later, and he had a smouldering torch in hand - a source of Fire was acquired.

Moving on to darker and more vile lands, Pryla'ari and her flock of helpful souls began a search in Creville for water both ancient and untouched by the foulness that pervaded the asylum. Eventually, they travelled underground and found a water agate containing exactly what they needed on the shore of a lake. It was not unguarded though, as something within the stagnant reservoir lashed out with massive tentacles to wrap tight any who sought to take its stone. United in purpose, the adventures did outnumber the grasping appendages and when the creature could hold no more in its limbs, the agate was theirs - a source of Water was acquired.

Lastly, the Priestess needed a source of Air from the demesne of the Western Wind. Up the boughs of Yggdrasil climbed a vanguard of elemental-slaying dragons as Pryla'ari returned to Falaq'tor to prepare for her ritual. A half day later, the adventurers returned victorious, trekking north to rejoin the Fifth Seat of the Conclave with their prize: five cores of purest wind. The triad of Elements was ready, and so the ritual began.

Melding Air, Water, and Fire together, Pryla'ari conjured forth illusions of events past before reaching across the ether in a display of magic befitting only those of the Conclave. Into fabled Memory she did tap, infusing the mirage with solidity and reality of that which once Was before casting it across Sapience. Her work was done, her ritual was a success, and new challenges awaited any intrepid willing to face the past.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Pryla'ari travelled to central Sapience and with the assistance of many adventurers acquired all she needed to perform a ritual in Falaq'tor. The result of this act of magic was the conjuring forth of two new forays from the depths of Memory: the Creville foray and the Ember Tower foray.

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January in Achaea!

Welp, here we are at the start of another new year and if you read our wrapup for 2022 you'll know that we have some plans for some new things in the works, we hope to unveil one of the bigger projects later this month and introduce some new mechanisms and options for PvP! But, we don't want to spoil the surprise so I'll say no more on that front for now.

For this month's promotion, you'll find Polymegahedral dice available over at www.achaea.com/credits alongside a 30% bonus credit sale (this is a 40% bonus if you have Iron Elite.) There is also a polymegahedral die added to the renown shop!

Dice purchases also award House and City credits, and, for Iron Elite members, every 10 you purchase grants you an extra die!

You can roll up to five dice at one time.

DICE ROLL [number of dice to roll (defaults to 1 if unspecified)]

For each two dice rolled in combination in this way you will receive 1 racetrack ticket (so 1 ticket if you roll 2 or 3 in combination, 2 tickets if you roll 4). There is a bonus for rolling all 5 together, so you will receive 3 racetrack tickets if you roll 5 dice together.

Dice currently have six sides. The prizes for each side are as follows (and yes, these dice are weighted).

1: Credits (between 30 and 50).

2: Interlocked caches (Moderngods, Eldergods, Races).
On cache open the Moderngods, Eldergods, and Races sets have a 25% chance to give a second piece.

3: Legend Deck card sleeves

4: 1 or 2 Mayan crowns

5: 50 to 80 customisation credits

6: One of: a silver giftbox, a golden giftbox, a bronze giftbox, or 100 credits.

There is a very small chance for a particularly lucky dice to land on its corner. This dice will pay out a platinum giftbox instead of its standard prize.

Every 500 dice rolled (gamewide), the lucky roller will also receive 500 credits on top of their standard prizes.

All of the credits for the above prizes are unbound.

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Tis the Logosmas Season

As the starry Rose took prominence upon the night's sky in 905 AF, Logosmas swept across Sapience bringing with it the gift of friends both old and new.


In the Southern Vashnars, the city of Cyrene was blessed by the return of an old guard: Iclia, a winter-borne traveller and talented frost mage. She met and made friends with the citizens before following them to the shores of the Muurn where they spoke poems and sung carols of Logosmas cheer. Feeling festive and merry, Iclia used her talents to freeze the lake solid, conjuring forth a wintry wonderland and an ice skater's paradise for the Heart of the Vashnars to enjoy.

With a loud, raucous whistling and coarse yelling, Triftee Twinkle made her return to the Dawnspear, plying her glittery wares and beautiful baubles to any who would buy them. But none of her ornaments shined nearly as bright as the tree of Light and Fire that rose within Silverbright Square, conveying the Bloodsworn's blessing amid the Logosmas season.

Meanwhile, Hashan met with a rather excitable mhun - a demolitionist, scientist, and saboteur all in one. Mokzan was his name, and a deal he did strike with the city's Seneschal. In exchange for use of the Court's metallurgy lab and assistance in studying some rather potent halfling coal, he would synthesise festive Logosmas firecrackers for all the citizens to explode.

Thomor Tuskbane, a wild walker from the tundral north, came to visit the village of Eleusis in search of fellow worshippers of Nature. Devoted to the Goddess he calls the Wintermother, the rotund dwarf taught the villagers of his family's traditional Logosmas hunt of boar and the merry feasting that always followed.

While traditional Logosmas celebrations are uncommon in Mhaldor, the next Step in the Dance of the Vault is often seen as a reverent occasion. Ash and smoke tainted the fog-touched air as the Tree of Weakness awoke once more in the graveyard, and rumour has it still that the malign warriors of Evil prepare a tithe of Blood to be offered before the Lord.

Throughout the Chaos-touched streets of Ashtan a Demigod does make merry in his own particular way, splattering a tall pine in blood and gore for all the citizens to enjoy. His song, discordant and strange, continues to spread, and who knows where it shall end?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Logosmas comes to Sapience and several faces both old and new join the cities to celebrate the festive season.

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Growth From the Ashes

It was in the month of Chronos, 902 years after the fall of the Seleucarian empire that a tremendous shockwave shook Targossas. Shopfronts jingled and the waters of the Silverveil broke the banks, drawing the attention of the Dawnspear and driving them to scour the streets for the source. Only when they arrived in the Temple of Light did something catch their eye: the Font of Growth had been cracked. Confused and worried, the citizens had more questions than they had answers. Was it the quake that damaged this relic? Or was the quake merely an effect? Who could have done this?

In wake of this revelation, the Lightbringer descended to grace Her city within the chamber of Growth. Frowning, the Goddess looked at the relic of Her own design and the flaw it now beared, and in Her judgement She decreed that it would not be fixed. Instead, the citizens of the Dawnspear were to destroy the font and from its ashes erect a new relic to embody the Phoenix's aspect of Growth.

And so, the Targossians turned to the Flames of the Dawn, a relic of the Bloodsworn's design that could harness Protean energies and shatter the Font of Growth to splinters. Zealous soldiers marched across sandy desert and fog-touched isle alike, hunting the lesser eidolons of Her enemies and casting their flesh into the hungry brazier to crackle and burn. The Flames roared and the followers of Light and Fire were ready.


On the 1st of Miraman, 904 years after the fall of the Seleucarian empire, the Daystar awoke to shine bright over a gathered Dawnspear. Dawnlord Myrrdin D'Ischai led the ritual, preaching the scripture of Ethian's Accord between anointed blessings and choruses of prayer. His faith stoked like a hearth, the Rasul beseeched the Goddess of Light and the Flames of the Dawn did respond, soaring over the city to set him ablaze as a living, burning pyre. He struggled forward and pressed a palm against the Font of Growth, unleashing the energies wreathing him to shatter Light's sacred relic into naught but shards.

Shimmering in the sunlight, the vitreous fragments fell across Targossas like the splinterfall of a Nishnatoban crusade. The citizens were quick to gather each and every remnant before convening in the Temple of Light to discuss their fate. It was decided that the shards would be cast into the Silverveil to bless the holy waters. The river surged and roiled in response, swelling like a tide as new life slithered up from its depths to gaze upon Creation: the Silverveil moccasin, a new species of snake inhabiting the Eastern Reaches.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: In the wake of a shockwave, the city of Targossas found the Font of Growth cracked and damaged. Invoking the Flames of the Dawn, they shattered the broken relic and cast the shards in the Silverveil, an act that brought forth a new species of snake within the river: the Silverveil moccasin.

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December in Achaea

December is here!

Later in the month Makesh will put his Logosmas wares on sale, Ironbeard will make his rounds, Merrywick will open once again, and at the very end of the month you can join the admin team for our traditional New Year's Eve QnA! UPCOMING will have all the pertinent dates!

For the promotionally inclined we're bringing back stockings for the month and there will be a 30% bonus on all credit purchases (that's a 40% bonus for those of you with Iron Elite!)

We also have a new talisman set, the Logosmas set! See HELP LOGOSMAS TALISMANS for all the details on the following items:

A reuseable snowball A steaming kettle of halfnog
A popcorn garland Some sticky taffy
A snowglobe of the Iron Alehouse A red and gold scarf
A bulging sack of snowflakes A garnished Logosmas gifttag

See HELP STOCKINGS for all stocking-related commands and to see a complete list of prizes and minimum stocking values!

Every 150 stockings opened will trigger a bonus stocking in the next 50 to be opened, awarding massively increased prizes!

ADDITIONALLY! For every 5 stockings of each type you purchase, you'll receive either a gold or platinum stocking of that tier! So if you purchase 5 fancy stockings, you'll get a gold (or platinum) fancy stocking. Gold and platinum stockings are special and fill up only on Christmas and New Year's Day, respectively!

On January 10th we will also be drawing a raffle! Tickets for this will be gained from opening stockings, and each day you earn your maximum
of 2000 renown you will earn a ticket too!

First winner will take home a pair of Chenubian wings (or 2000 bound credits if they don't want them)! (Seriously, just take the wings.)
Second winner will take home a gold inkbrush!
Third winner will take home a red inkbrush!

Any tickets held by non winners after the raffle is drawn will be converted to 2 bound credits each. (If you win prize 1, 2, or 3, all of your tickets are consumed and do not convert.)


All previously hung stockings have been returned to their original owner's inventories, and can be hung fresh for yourselves or new recipients!

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