Changelog: 07/06/2021 – 07/10/2021

  • Bitterfork is now in the quest system.
  • Dryad of the Gardens health reduced by approximately 40% in the Reckoning of Titania.
  • Reinna, Houndmaster of Annwyn will now properly summon hounds when first engaged.
  • The cavities referred to throughout the Caverns of Kkractle can now be interacted with as such, not only as 'holes' in the wall.
  • The exorbitant experience and gold bonuses to Aran'kesh, Borgron, and Icosse carried over from a previous Great Hunt have now been reverted to normal parameters.
  • Experience and gold gains for all Reckoning Forays increased to be more commensurate with their enhanced difficulty.
  • Icosse will now leave behind a corpse in the main tower room where the thrall is fought. This allows it to be offered or utilised for the moppet talisman.
  • Tsol'dasi Battlelord will no longer give cracked ribs, and will now strip a defence instead of repeatedly entangling everyone in the location.
  • The minimum group size for the Darkenwood Barrow foray has been increased to 3.
  • The Tsol'dasi battlelord is now less punishing the first time a target hits his parry, but will be far more punitive on the second hit prior to the instant kill on the third.
  • Otryn has returned to Thraasi harbour and his voyage is once again available. The ship used for ferrying him around WILL need to be in the corresponding harbour in order to progress each stage, and crew will need to all be present at each destination point. Please report any issues immediately at risk of wrath!
  • Clockwork harbour's maximum ship capacity has been significantly increased.
  • Defeating Vulkuz or any of the Reckoning memory bosses will now award an honours line to the person who scores the killing blow.
  • Rovalamm now deals cold damage type instead of unblockable damage type.
  • To account for the change in damage type, Rovalamm now attacks approximately 30% faster. This is doubled when at low health (and thus enraged).
  • It is no longer possible to teleport into the location where Sycaerunax concludes the dragon ceremony via most methods.
  • Changed drop rate math for hunting and questing talisman drop rates. Low and moderate tier pieces will be unaffected. High-end pieces will no longer take 1.416 quadrillion mob kills on average to generate a particular piece.
  • Icosse's thrall when in Psion mode no longer dual-classes as a Shaman. Oops.
  • Wailing ghosts are now able to fly.
  • Reinna, Lacharhad, and the Tsol'dasi Battlelord have learned how to use tentacle tattoos.
  • Aigra's final method of overhealing beyond max health should finally be resolved.
  • Aigra will now emerge properly after diving even if her original target has fled to the skies or land.
  • Weakening Fafnir will no longer cause him to remain above maximum health.
  • It is no longer possible to cheese Aigra's stomach mechanic via use of summoning or most forms of magical teleportation.
  • Mysia's harbour capacity has been expanded from 15 to 25 ships at any one time.
  • The Tsol'dasi Battlelord will now more clearly indicate when his fixate ends, and should now leave a few seconds of free time between it ending and him selecting a new target.
  • Genji is now integrated into the quest system (and has a new quest)!
  • Sparrow's Rest is now integrated into the quest system.
  • The Ministers of the Air Plane (don't call me Shirley) will no longer prompt people who have defected away from air to visit Siarde for a Prime Minister appointment.
  • The timer of the Margam foray has been increased by 5 minutes.
  • Greater Elementals now have appropriate damage resistances.
  • TALISMAN TRADE PIECE will no longer fail when trading one piece for another.
  • UseDash and Xterm256 will no longer be hidden for some players on the CONFIG display.
  • Duplicate adventures for jack in the box kills and heartseed kills have been removed.
  • Gloves of extraction and strength gauntlets should no longer conflict when being worn.
  • Worldburn will no longer have a blank line instead of a deathsight for some orders.
  • Icosse will no longer drop gold into her room, in addition to the gold rewarded upon a successful kill.
  • LHG has been removed as a suggestion from AREAS.
  • GLIDE should no longer conflict with other DASH commands while flying and using WALK TO.
  • The (extremely) ongoing affair between a king and his century-long deceased lover has finally come to an end. His wife is still not happy.
  • Fixed a scaling issue that caused some high end mobs to be worth far, far more experience than intended (up to 900% more experience than was expected). This will primarily affect a large number of unique, named denizens, as well as most creatures from the elemental planes, some creatures from the fissure of echoes, and a smattering of foray denizens.
  • Venom vials will now refill from your rift when emptied via Memorium Transpose.
  • Golgotha pacts will no longer randomly disappear.
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Changelog: 06/27/2021 – 07/02/2021

  • Eirenwaar is now in the quest system.
  • Whirling dervishes are now susceptible to critical hits.
  • Kemnast's disembowel attack is now unblockable damage type, not cutting, as intended.
  • Numerous denizens found on the World Tree are now susceptible to critical hits- this includes most, but not all named denizens in the Elemental Planes.
  • The frozen steppes is now welcoming usage of emotes again and will no longer block ALL emotes without feedback given to the player.
  • The splinters obtained while pursuing Orshuu's questline can now be picked up again when dropped if you are eligible.
  • Orshuu's splinters will now persist longer before disappearing.
  • Numerous adjustments made to Underworld denizens, particularly attacks, speed, and frequency of spawn in the open-ended areas.
  • Apparitions in Bolgukova fortress have undergone a significant change pending the return of Prioska should she find herself dislodged from power.
  • Foreau is no longer susceptible to critical hits, consistent with the other deputies inhabiting the fortresses of the Underworld
  • It is no longer possible to avoid quicksand by evading.
  • The ancient astrolabe will now reset much more quickly than before.
  • The Shaman version of Icosse's thrall will no longer repeatedly afflict impatience on those who already have it and instead will properly advance lock afflictions as intended.
  • It should no longer be possible to shield infinitely against Icosse's thrall and nullify all danger in the encounter.
  • It is no longer possible to take Coterie guards above the main area through the clouds, or march Vault guards into Dolodach's room- this is consistent with similar limitations on taking Fire/Water guards into Titan rooms.
  • Soldiers of Osterrych no longer instantly transfix past blindness- they will instead deliver confusion and unblind, transfixing only if their target is not blind.
  • Kemnast and Gerzson forces now all wander at differing speeds to minimise risk of clumping.
  • Prioska no longer wanders around the entire Underworld murdering unsuspecting hunters.
  • Wandering Death Knights no longer instantly kill crippled targets- this ability is reserved for static death knights in their respective fortress.
  • Soldiers of Osterrych no longer repeatedly deliver concussion and will instead prep the head and build towards a mangle.
  • Death Knights and Commanders are now uncommon spawns vs the Colonels, Soldiers, and Liches that are more frequent.
  • Cetan are no longer restricted to the Alcazar area designation and will chase attackers all over the Water Plane with extreme prejudice if you attempt to brazier/adduct/etc kill them.
  • Nora's miscellaneous possessions now reset across New Thera far more frequently to prevent issues.
  • It is now possible to ask the various denizens involved in Orshuu's quest for their splinters back, provided you have completed their quest and are currently on the main finale quest (and as long as they actually have the splinter available).
  • Various improvements have been made to the reset times of Clockwork Isle quest items.
  • Olga is now somewhat more forgiving of people giving her drinks without the requisite quest.
  • Carved tokens from Hthrak can no longer be used in arenas, and also now require you to be at full health, on balance, on equilibrium, not prone, and with no broken limbs.
  • Hessna's quest is now fully functional.
  • Radak's mysteriously missing quest for diplomatic immunity is now fully operational.
  • Powering Khepera's contraption is now functioning properly (quest #566).
  • Lacharhad's darkfire bomb now allows the player more time to flee to prevent exploding their friends, and the ability itself now incurs a longer cooldown period between uses to make this encounter more manageable.
  • Health of ghosts and slimes spawned by Patrick de Vermiis has been reduced by approximately 30% and 10% respectively.
  • Armoured gamling spider (Pryla'ari foray) health reduced by approximately 50%.
  • When fighting the Tsol'dasi Battlelord (Pryla'ari foray), there is now a longer period of time between uses of his parry/counter mechanic.
  • Enhanted faehounds in the Titania foray now adhere to the proper grievous_wounds affliction, previously these were using a former implementation rendering them incurable (sorry about this!).
  • Health, attack speed, and damage of enchanted faehounds reduced.
  • Disarming the snake trap in the Darkenwood Barrow foray will now properly free players who are trapped, as intended.
  • Evading will now trigger the snake trap in the Darkenwood Barrow foray.
  • Ogre brutes in the Fortress foray can now be targetted as brute in addition to the standard 'ogre'.
  • Combination attacks against Aran'kesh and Horald can no longer proc multiple gusts/throws that move the attacking player several times in one balance.
  • Experience and gold gained from slaying greater treemites in the Stone Forest has been increased.
  • Alchemical assistant golems will now properly receive tells in order to activate or deactivate their wandering status (via WANDER ON/WANDER OFF respectively).
  • Jeffrey Hurry's keys will now persist for much longer after he dies, preventing them from instantly resetting before the chests on his ship can be unlocked.
  • Coils of tentacles from the kraken voyage will now decay in stockrooms as intended.
  • Kraken soup is no longer on permanent sale and is available only for the remainder of the month during which the kraken is slain.
  • It is no longer possible to bypass the requirements for the Voyage of Sight by asking the harbourmaster directly about Talim. The requesting captain must now have completed the Cursed, Pangolin's, Indebted, and Surgeon's voyages, and Maya's Sundered Pearl must be in the same associated region as the harbourmaster himself, as intended.
  • Completing the Fog-wreathed Voyage will now award talismans and full gold only to crew who have completed the full set of Talim's voyages (Cursed, Surgeon, Indebted, Pangolin's). Crew who have not completed these will receive less gold and no talisman pieces.
  • Ageiro is now fully integrated into the quest system. Please report any issues.
  • The book of rituals required by Shanta and occasionally Cheska is now available once again.
  • Icosse's thrall now has a proper Psion attack set. Pariah soon (tm)!
  • HELP RACES TALISMANS now exists.
  • The archers of Istarion in the Tsol'dasi Battlelord encounter will now properly fire on the foray area and not the entirety of the Istar Jungle.
  • Yuthka can no longer be easily killed by abusing area boundaries to prevent chasing. You will now need to actually weaken her to slay her, as intended.
  • Franz has enjoyed good health for far too long. His days of never getting sick are over.
  • Lolath and Aline should now be more willing to share their respective quests provided the required items are actually available for use.
  • After an inordinate amount of time, Silpat has recovered her lost wooden spoon and now correctly offers her additional quest.
  • Following suit with Lolath and Aline, Kisheth should now also be willing to assist in quests.
  • Denod and Radlar can now be BECKONed to make them follow you. Functionally this means quest 749 can now be completed.
  • Hycanthus will now arrive at the correct location when he travels to Ageiro.
  • The chance for Vulkuz to trap someone in his sarcophagus now scales with group size.
  • Vulkuz now triggers traps somewhat less frequently.
  • Gnral's lost amulet can now be recovered from the appropriate ursu, making quest 805 functional again.
  • Saldesari is once again responsive.
  • Gold from killing Icosse will now go directly into the killer's hands with or without a Prosperian attractor.
  • Aigra should no longer get stuck in 'diving' mode and should emerge after a few seconds as normal.
  • Harbourmasters and dockworkers are now immune to critical hits, making it less trivial (but still possible, by design) to slay one in an effort to disrupt a voyage introduction.
  • A drowsy fisherman of Luman should now accept help from another villager in fixing his broken fishing pole
  • Completing quest 853 now actually awards experience after a long-standing vendetta with the milling lever has been resolved.
  • Luman Village is now in the quest system. Please report any issues.
  • Soldiers of Osterrych will prep the head a little slower to prevent combinations of denizens resulting in permanent concussions.
  • Death Knight Commanders now deliver a single mending break and cracked ribs instead of multiple mending breaks simultaneously.
  • Aigra will no longer overheal herself beyond maximum health.
  • Moldova fortress is now populated with grotesque experiments in addition to researchers and ghosts- this should ensure there are plenty of things to murder in order to keep Asztrik and Prioska out of power.
  • Cowled researchers now properly contribute to the Underworld political scoring.
  • Health of Icosse (boss, not thrall) reduced by approximately 15% to reduce time spent waiting in this encounter.
  • Takesh now offers a formal quest instead of unofficial tasks.
  • The staring moppet talisman can now properly be used against Reckoning Foray boss corpses.
  • The staring moppet now requires you to be able to move freely, and can no longer be used on any plane other than the Prime.
  • The windup time for Ra'mah's pounce/fixate special attack has been extended from 5 seconds to 8, this should allow for more consistent escapes if you are unlucky and already afflicted.
  • To compensate for the increased wind up time on Ra'mah's special move, it will now stun everyone in the location on top of its damage/bleeding if the mechanic is failed.
  • Ra'mah will now properly hide when he periodically runs away to recover from his wounds.
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July in Achaea + Raffle Results!

July is now upon us and that means 2021 is now officially halfway over already. Time flies!

As we say goodbye to dice (they'll be back!), we have two concurrent promotions on offer for July:

Firstly, a 30% bonus to all credit purchases will be in effect, this stacks with Iron Elite for 40% more credits!

In addition to that, talisman pieces are available directly from the Achaea website ( in batches of 1, 5, 10, 15, and 30, and the sets on offer for July are ELEMENTAL, INVASION, RACES, and RENEGADES! Get these while you can, as we may rotate the sets later in the month!

Every 10 pieces purchased awards a bonus piece guaranteed to be of high value, and direct purchases of talisman pieces now also rewards house and city credits!

As ever, everything can be found on the Achaea website via

Looking forward, we have a number of plans in the works for this month. For those with a penchant for lore and history, it may be particularly exciting! And as the year goes on, Achaea's 24th birthday looms as well as Mayaween and Logosmas to come in the not so distant future. Expect a busy second half of the year!

The results of June's raffle will be drawn and announced in my next post.



June's raffle has now been drawn (yes, we actually drew it on time)!

Congratulations to ARANOS and ERYL who both win a shattered token, allowing them to claim one talisman piece of their choosing from any of the available sets!

All other raffle tickets have been converted to 2 bound credits!

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Underworld update!

We've just completed a fairly significant (and long overdue!) rewrite of the Underworld politics system, and forced an evaluation which has resulted in Gerzson and Kemnast taking over the throne temporarily and dislodging Prioska and Asztrik.

Scores have all been zeroed and a full rebalancing of points and tallies behind the scenes now means that rotating the Vice-Royals in and out is fully functional and much easier to achieve than the (admittedly non functional) former setup.

Going forward, scores will now properly be assessed every 3 years on 1st Sarapin and the dominant faction in that 3 year period will ascend to the throne and their forces will be redeployed to the main areas (Damienne, Shtlenii, Anthrish, Abhal, Unsguul, and Tenunigick).

As this is the first time the swap has happened since the Underworld rework, there are likely to be some tuning problems with the new denizens roaming around these main areas. I'll be keeping an eye on them but if anything seems particularly egregious, file a bug with your feedback and I'll look into it ASAP.


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Assault on the Heartwood Kin!

I. Going South

Prostrated before the assembly of Seers, Axil listened as she received her orders.

She did not relish the necessary trip south, but her duty to the Bounty demanded it. Famine and a lack of victory had instilled a fear in her people. The remaining Seers decreed that the missing Fifth was at fault, though some of the men quietly asked why he was sent away in the first place if this was true. She would deal with their impudence at a later date. Now, she had more important matters clouding her mind.

He had found his way into a small community of forest dwellers. Her scouts reported they were similar to the Aalen Tsol'aa, though they partook in modern comforts that plagued most of the people south of Her domain. They were soft, though soft bellies made for easy targets.

Following their clumsy trails near Her border, Axil tracked some of their members to the butcher, Olnix. Not intelligent enough to truly register pain, it took her quite a while to crack him, but he eventually broke. They always do.

She had names and a place: Aelyn Le'Yuet, Vinceres Ebonheart, and the Heartwood Kin. Silently, she began to question the wisdom of the Seers in their belief that this task would be arduous. She had encountered more difficulty in tracing the movement of hares.

With the brother of the Fifth in tow, she began her journey towards the south. She was certain he would not come willingly, as he was always prone to indulgence in the north. Life amongst the soft-bellied would only entice him further. No, she would have to drag him back.

She could smell his scent upon the air as she entered the Eastern Ithmia, but there was more besides. Eyes closed, she thrust her birthright into the loose soil at her feet and expanded her influence, the towering trees freezing and allowing a pathway for her authority to reach towards the south.

Her senses indicated there were far more soft bellies than she had anticipated. Their lives of luxury and wealth provided the ability to procreate and expand at their leisure, while her people could barely sustain the elderly and what few children the ice could provide. Their laughter drifted through the warm, inviting forest, the lilting melodies combining with birdsong to create a cacophony that made Axil sick to her stomach.

She despised them.

Milky eyes of startling white darting open, Axil, Alpha Headhunter of the Raven motioned for the Seer's brother to begin, and they marched upon the Village of Eleusis.

II. For the Winter

Elias the Gatekeeper could feel them before he saw them - an unbearable cold and a weight of spirit he had not experienced in some years.

As he turned towards the north, blackness enveloped his senses as he fell to the earth, dead.

Axil and Ogwin carved a red streak through the Village of Eleusis, slaughtering anyone and anything in their path. Their target was the Rowan, and they could allow nothing to stand in their way.

The guards they encountered relied on numbers, but Axil and Ogwin were specifically equipped to deal with this threat. Utilising Axil's famed thornspray and Ogwin's fulmination spheres, they made quick work of anyone they encountered. Still, they had difficulty staving off the lone attacks of Ipomoea, her darting teeth and claws nipping at them from behind before quickly disappearing. Luckily, she was alone, and safe to ignore for now. There was little time to waste.

Arriving before the Rowan, they unleashed a barrage at its base. The tree rang under the assault, as all of Eleusis shivered, and a small crack forming at its base. Their victory was almost certain once they were able to overwhelm the feeble defenses within the Heartwood Estate proper.

Just then, a contingent of Eleusians and their allies descended upon them. Ogwin roared in delight and rage, for his fellow Headhunters would envy the tales of this slaughter, and yet the opposing force just would not stay dead. Score after score fell to Axil and Ogwin. But there were always more.

The carnage from their foes' deaths proved to be a disastrous disadvantage for the Raven Tribe, as their thorns and spheres had difficulty navigating the strewn flesh and viscera left in their wake.

Finally, Faedwyn Winterhart landed a glancing blow into Axil's side. She could barely feel the pain, before she realised she had lost a hold of her spear. This is what bound her existence, and as it clattered to the floor so too did the shattered remnants of Axil, Alpha Headhunter, her body exploding into shards of bloodied ice.

Alone, Ogwin was quickly overwhelmed by the vastly superior numbers, his spheres weakened by exhaustion and numerous wounds, and he too eventually fell by the hand of Ipomoea.

A roar of triumph resounded throughout the thawing trees of the Eastern Ithmia as the Heartwood Estate was made safe from invasion.


Summary: Axil, Alpha Headhunter and Ogwin the Headhunter marched south towards the Heartwood Estate within the Village of Eleusis at the behest of their Tribe's leadership, their ultimate goal being the retrieval of a exiled Seer that had found his way there.

Axil and Ogwin descended upon Eleusis, slaying countless people in their trek towards the Heartwood Estate. After attacking the Estate itself, both were eventually overwhelmed by the assembled Eleusian force, and the Estate was saved.

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Of Stars and Aldar

I. The First Mistake

Eons ago, in the aftermath of the War of Humanity, judgement was passed upon a rogue Aldar, and a sentence of unending servitude begun. Bound for eternity to the Goddess Lorielan, with She as much his prisoner as he Hers, the Aldar's descent from truculence, to bitterness, to misery, depression, and a burning longing for a death denied by Logosian decree, was inevitable and absolute.

In the modern day, legends of the Aldar's magnificence persist- their legacy of peerless craftsmanship, wonders of magic, marvels of science, technology, and tales of a golden age unmatched by any that followed was enough to rouse even the most cynical and jaded of adventurers to awe and fascination.

Eurice Al'Jafri was neither. Bewitched by stories of the Firstborn and driven by a desperation to advance her Psionic craft, she craved a living, breathing Aldar as a tutor. Unable to reach Han-Tolneth in the Parthren Gare, she instead travelled to Siorraidh, in search of the last remaining Aldar on the prime: the tortured, miserable figure of Han-Silnar.

Proving herself through a series of tests relayed through ancient forms of communication, Eurice's excitement and interest rose to a fevered pitch as she contemplated grand designs, dreamed of wielding incredible power, and perhaps - if she let her mind wander far enough - fulfilling the ancient prophecy of Caymus himself.

Noticing the disturbances of her prisoner, the Jade Empress paid a personal visit to Eurice, warning her of Han-Silnar's lone desire: for death, by any means, at any cost.

The Lady's words were mirrored by the advice of the Dark Father, who counselled the importance of informed choices, and actions based on accurate information.

They would fall on deaf ears.

II. The Mace of Dawn Illoriel

Since its founding, the City of Hashan has rested above the remnants of an ancient star - a Protean star, said to contain a tithe of the very Creator's power within its latent core. Mere trickles of that power have been set free upon the world in the art of Sublimation; vast reserves still lingered, deep beneath the earth, awaiting only a catalyst.

Twice the Dark Father attempted to create such a catalyst, and twice He failed. First ancient Noxtra, felled by the machinations of Slith then nascent Nurazar, too catastrophic and dangerous to survive in the heavens. And thus He sought something other: the star of a sun.

Countless relics were lost when Shallam sank beneath the waves, among them, an ornately inscribed silver mace, once held by the Priestess Dawn Illoriel: she who would later ascend as Mithraea.

Retrieved from the depths by persons unknown, the hallowed weapon was acquired by a mysterious man named Khedu and offered for sale to Targossas by his associate, a merchant of questionable integrity known as Aogail. Whether through scepticism or paucity, the Dawnspear refused to meet Aogail's price, and the merchant disappeared into obscurity once more.

The fate of Dawn's mace was unknown until the year 856, when Aogail reappeared on the streets of Hashan, ostensibly as part of a merchant contingent offering foliage samples for the in-progress Dicondron Academy science facility. In a quiet meeting of the Regency, the price was set and the mace traded hands. Atop the Obelisk of Darkness it sat, bound by magical enchantment as the priests of Twilight sought to unravel its power and turn it to their own purpose.

For years did the Order of Darkness toil to enact their plan: to empower themselves and wield the mace to command the eight-pointed constellation, the starry symbol of Mithraea Herself.

Han-Silnar, however, had other ideas.

III. Release the Hounds

Satisfied that she would serve as his instrument, Han-Silnar coaxed Eurice into visiting his grove in the ancient City of Nur. All the while, illusions of a young girl playing with a doll consumed her mind, strange clues left in the passing of each imaginary vision.

Following his clues without caution as she always had thus far, Eurice completed the pattern and broke the code, a gauntlet of magnificent craftsmanship and immense power manifesting within the abandoned atelier. The Aldar stroked her ego and fed her hubris, urging her to claim what he described as hers- to put it on, to take her turn, and while the young human woman attempted to ignore its beckoning urges, she found the temptation beyond her to resist.

Having donned the gauntlet and proceeded to her own version of a grove - the subterranean greenhouses in the Dicondron Academy, Eurice heeded Han-Silnar's plea, turning the gauntlet around her wrist in an effort to invoke its power. Four times she did this, each attempt at the weave silently drawing her across the area, until she found herself atop the Obelisk of Darkness, aglow in power that was not hers, caught in a plan not of her making, wielding a weapon that was not of her weaving.

The Mace of Dawn resonated with the Aldar gauntlet, itself a Well of power borrowed from Saar-elan. As Eurice's hands closed involuntarily about its handle, pillars of light soared into the heavens, while Eurice's heart and stomach utterly sank.

Reduced to an observer in her own mind, the mocking voice of Han-Silnar at last revealed his deceit. The eight-pointed star came forth, called by Dawn's holy weapon, and the Aldar wove Origination through his puppet, wielding the power to create in an act of destruction as the topmost star split free of its celestial brethren and began to fall.

Shouts of doom filled the air from a frenzied cleric while the loosed sun-star descended through the firmament, rapidly becoming supernova. Three worlds felt the passage of the heavenly body across their surface, all life incinerated in a momentary conflagration. Achaea would be the fourth.

Enraged by the premature calling of Mithraea's constellation, the Dark God seized the weapon from the hands of Eurice and rallied His order to action in an attempt to salvage the disaster wrought by a bitter Aldar and his naive pawn. As one, the Darkwalkers convened atop the apex of the Dark Obelisk, divesting all their acquired power into Twilight's twin hounds before expending decades of hoarded essence to raise Farrah Roualt as an Avatar of Darkness.

The Avatar, supported by the Dark Family, turned her eyes on the shadow hounds, Twilight's most ancient servants, bringing them under her control. With a whispered command, the order to hunt was given, and twin shadows eclipsed even the light of the falling star as Daybreak and Nightfall sprinted into the heavens to give chase.

The Jaws of Night closed around the cascading radiance of the sun-star, devouring its light and consuming its fire, scattering its shards across the bleak landcsape of the Shadow Realm with each rapacious bite. Tirelessly the hounds feasted, until mere remnants of what once was the north star in the sun constellation remained. Exhausted, Daybreak and Nightfall retreated, a shower of meteoric shrapnel the herald of their departure to Athuin as the heavens returned to normal.

Shadows then boiled over the Shamtota Hills, the cowled figure of Twilight descending upon Siorraidh in search of Han-Silnar. Lorielan's clarion tones rose to meet His whispered threat: the Aldar was beyond the reach of Darkness, taken to the Crystal Realm. His grand plan of death-by-deity had been thwarted, but so too had Twilight's.

The Sundered Star now sits in Achaea's heavens, irrevocably altered, as the Order of Darkness and the City of Hashan scramble to regather what was lost.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Through the machinations of Han-Silnar, Eurice Al'Jafri was deceived into using the star-forges of Creation to visit unimaginable destruction upon the world of Achaea. Tearing free the apex of the Mithraean constellation from its seat in the heavens, despite the efforts of Han-Tolneth and Sycaerunax the sun-turned-supernova began an inevitable descent.

Yet while the devastation was turned elsewhere before reaching the planet through the efforts of Twilight, the renegade Aldar known alternately as the Pawn, or the Condemned, found himself once more exiled to the Crystal Realm of the Jade Empress, Lorielan.

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