Tournament of Names

To follow up on Haidar's announcement of the second Tournament of Names, we have some clarifications!

This will be a 6 hour PK contest held on September 24th, beginning at 19:00:00 GMT (see UPCOMING).

The winner will earn 2000 bound credits, a unique honours line, and a special challenger's horn. As an added twist, the winner will have the option to change their true character's name. This will involve either working with the Garden team to decide on a name, or you may keep the name of your champion contender character.

All participants will also earn an honours line regardless of placement.

Contenders will become a Kashari character in the class of their choice. This will be by command at the start of the contest - see UPCOMING. We strongly suggest setting a new password when you assume your character for the first time, as the one we will supply you with may not be ideal (or memorable).

Each contender will be level 80 with most general skills transcendent and their class skills transcendent. Contenders will have 5000 bound credits with which to buy artefacts. They will have a full complement of vials and curatives, but selling/trading these is not permitted. A full rift will be provided, ensuring adequate supplies of tarot cards, crystals, commodities for traps/puppets and so on. All contenders will begin with full karma, devotion, and essence reserves. Contenders will have a gold amount at the start and begin in a starting shop. Sharing gold/items from this location is not permitted with other contenders or the general public.

As each contender enters the contest they will have an hour of grace for setup time. This time can be used to setup curing/systems, as well as purchase artefacts and supplies. This grace can be renounced early, but it can't be extended.

Each participant will have three lives, and will have no starburst effects accessible. If you die three times, you are out of the contest. Disconnecting, journalling, or hiding in any similar fashion for 30 minutes or more will result in a loss of a life. If you do so for an hour or more you will lose two lives. Your number of lives can be replenished by removing other contenders from the contest (killing off their final life), though your life count remains capped at three. Contenders will not earn or lose experience.

We're also going to strongly suggest you do not inform people of who you are when you assume your shell character. You can do this if you want to, but if large groups of shells who happen to all share the same city affiliation on their standard characters start working together, said characters will find themselves penalised. This does not mean you can't team people, but you should do so organically in the spirit of the event rather than splitting down factional lines. This will be very obvious to us if it starts happening, so please do not do it. This however is not a duelling event: we do expect carnage.

Kills will be tracked in case of multiple people still being alive at the end of the contest. If more than one contender is alive at the end there will be a single area deathmatch to determine the winner. All other contenders will be considered an enemy, and allies will not be available. Forming parties will not be possible.

(Signing Up)
Signup with Haidar ahead of time to secure your place.

To sign up: say I wish to earn my name as a member of the class

Give Haidar the 100,000 when prompted.

Once you have signed up you cannot change your class choice. Choose wisely.

Go forth, have fun, and earn your name!

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Divinity within your grasp!

Distinguished mortals of Sapience,

It is with great joy that I bring you the most revolutionary news of your lives! Starting this month, you are all invited to R.I.S.E. above and undertake your very own Quest for Divinity!

With R.I.S.E.: Quest for Divinity, the coveted Essence is finally in mortal hands! And because this is an endeavour led BY mortals, FOR mortals, it is up to everyone to work together so that mortality may finally overcome its limitations.

How does it work?

Find your nearest R.I.S.E. representative and pledge yourself to them. That's it! It's that easy! After that, you may start offering essence to their shrine (you'll see why, soon), but you can also find your OWN two people to be a part of YOUR Order! Finally! A shrine of your very own!

Once you have exactly two followers and have gathered enough essence, you will become eligible for a promotion. This comes with a fancy title, of course, but also with an ever-growing list of Divine powers! Beware, though, because we're all in this together: you cannot be promoted if your followers are too far in rank from you, nor can you be promoted above your direct contact with R.I.S.E.. As you can see, this means it's in your best interest to both offer to your contact's shrine and support your loyal followers.

If you have any questions, reach out to any member of R.I.S.E. or seek guidance from the Distinguished First, Sir Kinilan Demaxx.

And remember: if you can't zap your enemies, they sure will zap you.

May you all find Divinity in your lives!

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September is here!

First, what the actual hey. How is it September?

Second, we love September! September means it's Achaea's birthday and we always have a lot of fun in store for everyone.

This year Achaea will be turning 25 years old. Let me say that one more time for the people skim reading in the back, Achaea will be TWENTY FIVE years old. That's a huge achievement.

I'm just going to give the basic overview of fun here, but see UPCOMING for a more specific list.

  • Use the HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA command once this month to claim 25 bound credits for yourself and a 24 hour crit bonus!
  • Join us for a day of worldgames on the 9th, Achaea's official 25th birthday.
  • The 10th and 11th will be a double XP weekend.
  • On the 23rd we'll be holding a Quiz.
  • On the 24th the Tournament of Names will return.
  • Many many showcases and events with Nissa's Festival of the Divine!
  • And more!

Congratulations to Laorir, Stheno, Sneijder, Sobriquet, and Alyzar for winning our latest Discord contest on the theme of treasured possessions! They each win 200 bound credits, and thank you to everyone who shared with us, these were such a wonderful read.

Tlalaiad has announced a team challenge for September If you're not a part of our Discord community, follow the instructions in HELP DISCORD to join in!

Polymegahedral Dice return this month and feature a new talisman set themed for the Modern Gods! Details on how the dice work and their prize pool can be found at HELP POLYMEGAHEDRAL DICE.

We're also replacing the once per month globe purchase in the renown shop with one of the polymegahedral dice!

The Modern Gods Talisman Set (moderngods) - see also HELP MODERN GODS TALISMANS

Aurora - A tear of Ethian
THROW this tear and all in your current room and those adjacent will be unphased (including you). In addition, everyone unphased in your area will then be revealed as if they had been illuminated by a star sigil.

Babel - A wrap of lightless cloth
Wear this wrap and for the next five minutes all information about you will be concealed (on honours and other means to view the same information). It has a one hour personal cooldown.

Deucalion - A tattered swatch of ashen cloth
While carrying this cloth all of your non critical strikes against denizens not upon the prime plane have a 33% chance to gain a 5% damage bonus.

Neraeos - A Tritonic coin of salt-crusted silver
This coin will be consumed in place of gold when attempting to bribe sailors to throw your target off their ship. Bribes resolve much faster when handled in this way, and this talisman can be used twice before it is consumed.

Ourania - A comet-etched barb
While carrying this barb, meteor arrows you fire will strike your target even if they flee indoors. They must still be outdoors when you initially fire the meteors, and this only applies to arrows (not star tarot or similar).

Pandora - A prismatic eye of rainbow glass
You may drop this eye in a location. You may then GLASSEYE to look into that location as if you were standing there yourself. This eye will stay placed for 59 minutes, will be invisible once placed, and -does- bypass shimmering orbs.

Sartan - A cruel stalagmite fang
You may use this talisman against someone who considers you a mutual ally. When you IMPALE WITH , you will take some of their health for your own.

Tlalaiad - A shadowy capsule
Turn this capsule and after a 12 second channel a paradoxical effect begins. Ten seconds after this effect, so long as you remain in the area where you initially activated the capsule, you will be returned to the location where you twisted it and your health and mana set back to what they were when the effect began. There is a five minute area wide cooldown on a capsule being used, and you must be alive when the effect resolves for the reset to take place.


Pick up your polymegahedral dice at - Achaea is old - See UPCOMING for all the events!

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August in Achaea

Hi folks,

We are bringing back Globes of Shifting Continents for the duration of August!

These contain a variety of prizes upon being opened, including:

  • Talisman caches, containing pieces from the planes, underworld, and elemental sets (pick which set you'd like when opening).
  • Card sleeves, containing one card from the deck of legends in each. These cards trade in for 33 bound credits, so even if you do not want what you get, you're not out of pocket.
  • Mayan crowns.
  • Bloodstained shards.
  • Customisation credits.
  • Artefact discount vouchers.
  • A range of artefacts, from very small ones all the way up to statistic altering ones.
  • Free reincarnations/trait resets(*).
  • Additional tradeskill slots(*).
  • Small bonuses such as racetrack tickets or shop carts. These will always be awarded alongside another prize and are not factored into the value of your globe's contents.
  • You will not receive free reincarnations, trait resets, or additional tradeskill slots if you already have a means by which to reset your race/traits via artefacts or other means in the former's case, or have 3 or more bonus slots already in the latter's case. You'll receive a different prize instead.

In addition, every 500th globe that is opened will receive a bonus prize: an OFFSPRING TALISMAN.

For globe buyers who have an Iron Elite membership, every 10 globes you buy earns you a free globe. This is cumulative across purchases, so if you buy 3 globes today and 7 globes next week, you'll still get your free globe!

Finally, for 10,000 renown you can purchase a globe from the renown shop once during August!

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A Merchant’s Ledger

With the Delosian auctions now concluded, it is safe to say that Delos has acquired the funds necessary to cover the expenses caused by that vile conflict between the Quisalis and Ivory Mark.

Scribed below are the final sale prices for the unvaulted relics.


10th of Daedalan, 893 AF -

  • One (1) Yggdrasian tome: filled with arcane sketches of the World Tree's many planes. Sold to Yen for 20,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) scabbard of Erymanthian wood: crafted with the capacity to harness the wind itself. Sold to Penwize for 22,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) earthen mortar and pestle: once owned by a Tsol'aa apothecary and capable of grinding alchemical or herbal pastes. Sold to Ilsefi for 17,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) ancient bone goblet: a relic from a long-dead desert monarch, enchanted to endlessly fill with wine-like water. Sold to Swikaan for 25,000,000 gold.

12th of Scarlatan, 893 AF -

  • One (1) bronze hydria: contains a hallucinogenic puffball from a "Swarm" that ravaged Sapience, very dangerous. Sold to Proficy for 13,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) charred linen blindfold: scribed with Celestial glyphs and sourced from the ascetic Renegades of Nur. Sold to Atalkez for 50,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) portrait of the Silent Step: donated by the mimes of Delos, the canvas exhudes an overwhelming aura of silence. Sold to Skye for 4,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) legionnaire's war-torn cloak: a highly-flammable garment from the Elemental army of Kkractle. Sold to Iaxus for 21,000,000 gold.

16th of Valnuary, 893 AF -

  • One (1) ghostly pangolin figurehead: once owned by the infamous Captain Lee, it seemed to still possess a strangely-haunting aura. Sold to Icraa for 40,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) Nevaharr pelt: skinned from the leonine warrior during the War of Humanity, and imbued with strange memories. Sold to Keldin for 35,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) necrotic staff of blighted cedar: owned by a magi who turned to necromancy after his family's tragic death by flames. Sold to Swikaan for 25,000,000 gold.
  • One (1) inked page of calligraphic poetry: the original copy of Lucaine Pyramides' 36th poem to Catarin deSangre. Sold to Yen for 45,000,000 gold.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: With the Delosian auctions concluded, the merchant Merentesh records the final prices of all items sold within his ledger.

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Renown Updates!

We are making a change to renown that will do away with those pesky daily credit messages!

No more will your renown automatically convert into daily credits, instead this will build in a pool to be spent in the RENOWN SHOP!

While you will still only be able to earn 2000 renown in a day, the amount you earn will tally up across days to be spent on a variety of wares when you want to!

Renown Shop Commands:
RENOWN SHOP WARES - to see available wares (listed in detail below)
RENOWN SHOP - to see a ware
RENOWN SHOP HISTORY - to see your last 30 purchases
(RENOWN - will still show your earned renown)

Renown Shop Wares:
10 bound credits - 1000 renown
20 bound credits - 2000 renown
A worn whetstone - 1200 renown
A shimmering crystal clover - 8000 renown
A Lucrescent Nut - 2000 renown
A miniature wooden horse - 1200 renown
A bottle of fairy dust - 1500 renown
A ball of Seftonium - 1500 renown
1 hour double xp - 750 renown
A Translucent Mask - 4000 renown
An amber ampoule - 1500 renown
Hunter Elixir 1 sip - 1000 renown
Epicurus Elixir 1 sip - 1000 renown
Pixie Elixir 1 sip - 1000 renown
Ogre Elixir 1 sip - 1000 renown
Lucky Elixir (1 sip) - 1000 renown
Life Elixir (1 sip) - 1000 renown
A handful of glittering mud - 10000 renown

All items from this shop decay in a fairly short time and cannot be preserved in stockrooms and similar.

All of this and the details for these items have been added to HELP RENOWN!


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