A Few Weeks Of Escapism!

As the current climate outdoors becomes more stressful and tense for many of us, we've been working on a bit of a plan to make good use of your extra Achaea hours!

So whether social distancing is everyday for you, or you're already climbing the walls under some kind of enforced quarantine, there should be something fun to do in Achaea!

March 20th - 27th
The application period is open for the Conclave's vacancy!
Contact your local denizens (or even your fellows) of magical renown or just misguided ambition and assist them in preparing their applications for submission!
See Public news #20670 for more information.

March 22nd
An artisanal and bardic contest opens!

March 23rd - 27th
Double XP!

March 25th
A 24 hour great hunt will go live!
From 00:00:00 - 23:59:00
Traditional Great Hunt tiers, and credits for point thresholds will be on offer!

March 28th
CTF day!

March 28th - April 3rd
Conclave referendums open!
Back your candidates and prepare/give speeches, rallies, debates and earn votes in the Conclave's short list referendum!

April 3rd - 18th
A Reckoning begins in earnest, pitting the followers of each short listed candidate against one another to see who will take the open seat!

April 18th
Reckoning finale.

April 23rd - May 4th
The Asterian Restoration's year long Festival of History!

Please be aware that some event dates may shift depending on involvement and unforeseen happenings! We will be adding things to UPCOMING as and when the dates are finalised! Keep an eye on this board for more details as things happen!

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1st Raffle Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

The first of our raffles has been drawn with Majin claiming the first prize of anything from our recently closed auctions! 9 other lucky winners took home credits or Mayan crowns!

Winner: Majin (an auction artefact from the recent auctions of his choice!)
2nd place (500 credits): Limea
3rd place (500 credits): Amanda
4th place (500 credits): Fynn
5th place (500 credits): Aleth
6th place (2 Mayan crowns): Lyrikai
7th place (2 Mayan crowns): Marxi
8th place (2 Mayan crowns): Minifie
9th place (2 Mayan crowns): Crixos
10th place (2 Mayan crowns): Iaxus

Everyone else got 2 bound credits per ticket they had in the raffle!

To earn tickets in the next raffle you can spin the Wheel of Fortune with a prismatic token (every token spin earns a ticket) and you get a free ticket when you reach the renown cap on any given day during the month!

Remember, we'll be drawing another one at the end of March, that raffle begins now!

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CTF and Bazaar!

We've nailed down a date for the Game of Eyes CTF and the Itinerant Bazaar will be returning for three openings this month!

The CTF will take place on 28th March at 11PM GMT (this is one hour before Serenade). This will be a Game of Eyes variant with shifting hills, and the winning city will claim the Effigy of Victory for themselves!

The Itinerant Bazaar returns on the 15th, the 17th, and the 20th. Its tents will remain open each time until all stock is gone, then Kelath will draw his special mount raffle!

Check UPCOMING when in game to keep track of specific times for all of these and don't miss out!

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Practice Spars!

We've just loaded up a small update to the arena practice mode that automatically transcends your class skills when engaged in a practice duel!

This is mostly targeted at newer players to let them trial a class before committing to embrace, but we're sure a few of you established players might benefit as well!

Use CHALLENGE <adventurer> TO PRACTICE at any arena to make use of this!

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Daily Credits – Adventures!

This is a huge update that we've been excited about since we begun working on Adventures back in February 2019! Completing adventures rewards with renown, but this now translates automatically to bound credits!

Adventures can now be completed every day, without being locked to theme!

You can complete multiple adventures each day!

There will still be a rotating theme, and the first adventure on theme you complete each day will reward with double renown!

Renown has been adjusted across the board.

Adventures can only be embarked on once per day per person.

Questing adventures have been removed.

Questing will be a passive adventure that you do not need to embark upon.

Renown (up to the cap) will be awarded based on completion of quest system quests.

Each quest completed will only count once for renown per person, per day.

Questing is not considered part of any adventure theme.

Questing in excessively low level areas will not reward higher level players, AREAS is a good guide of whether or not an area will be appropriate for you.

Quests completed in areas that are suitable for levels 90 and above will reward renown for all.

For every 100 renown earned in a day, you will earn 1 bound credit. This caps out at 2000 renown per day, (20 bound credits)!

Renown cannot be earned past 2000 and will not carry over, renown values reset at Serenade.

All existing renown will be converted as per this system, 5 renown converting to 1 bound credit. This does not affect your renown gain for today.

Commands are:
ADVENTURE EMBARK <#> - Embark on your chosen adventure
ADVENTURE LIST [easy/medium/hard/seafaring/conflict/exploration/hunting] - List the adventures available to you. As you complete an adventure it will be removed from the list.
ADVENTURE RECALL - Recall the details of your chosen adventure.
ADVENTURE REJECT - Reject your chosen adventure.
ADVENTURE THEME - Show the current theme for a sweet double renown adventure.
RENOWN/SCORE RESOURCES - How much renown you have earned today.

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Iron Elite Updates!

We've added some more options for Iron Elite purchases, and are working on some plans to expand the configurability of this system even further!

The pricing for Iron Elite packages has changed!

One month of Iron Elite remains at 24.99

Three months of Iron Elite is now 70.47 (23.49 per month equivalent)

Six months of Iron Elite is 131.94 (21.99 per month)

Twelve months of Iron Elite is 239.88 (19.99 per month)

The primary benefit of these new membership options is that your characters will receive most rewards up front. The rewards which are instantly advanced are the XP bonus, and membership credits. Daily lessons are unchanged.

We've also added Membership Wares! These are some in game useful things that you can spend membership credits on directly from the membership pool, in case you don't want bound credits!

MEMBERSHIP WARES shows the list of available options.
will let you purchase whatever you want from that list.

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