Championship Quiz Results!

The Year 852 Championship Quiz is now concluded, and the results are as follows!

Eryl in 1st place wins 200 credits and 12 Championship points!
Laedha in 2nd place wins 175 credits and 10 Championship points!
Stheno in 3rd place wins 150 credits and 8 Championship points!
Taryius, Aroan, Crixos, and Axios in 4th place winning 125 credits and 6 Championship points each!
Reyl, Zenui, Keorin tied in 8th place, winning 25 credits and 2 Championship points each!
Tesha also tied in 8th place, but is ineligible to win points as a former Staff Holder, but takes 25 credits nonetheless!

Current standings for the Staff Games are as follows:

35 Taryius
32 Crixos
25 Eryl
24 Atalkez
22 Keorin
14 Aroan
10 Laedha

Championship Twins is the final contest, after which the new Staff Bearer will be crowned!

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Championship World Race Results!

The Championship World Race is now over and the winners are as follows!

Atalkez wins 200 credits and 12 Championship points!
Crixos wins 175 credits and 10 Championship points!
Keorin wins 150 credits and 8 Championship points!
Lynair wins 125 credits and 6 Championship points!
Taryius wins 100 credits and 5 Championship points!
Killian wins 75 credits and 4 Championship points!
Lynara wins 50 credits and 3 Championship points!
Eryl wins 25 credits and 2 Championship points!
Shirszae wins 10 credits and 1 Championship points!
Kaden wins 10 credits and 0.5 Championship points!

This brings current Championship Games totals to:

Atalkez: 20 points
Keorin: 20 points
Taryius: 17 points
Crixos: 16 points
Eryl: 7 points
Lynair: 6 points
Aroan: 5 points
Zenui: 5 points
Killian: 4 points
Lynara: 3 points
Fen: 2 points
Imyrr: 1 point
Kaden: 1 point
Shirszae: 1 point

Next up are the Championship XP Event Windows! See UPCOMING and Announce #5303 for details!

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CTF and Y852 Day 1 results!

Congratulations to Eleusis, who won the Year 852 Capture the Flag with a very strong performance! The final scores were:

Ashtan 114
Hashan 6735
Cyrene 4422
Mhaldor 1473
Eleusis 9807
Targossas 7016

With their win, Eleusis decided the Bandersnatch for today's World Game Extravaganza would be NON-PK, and after a Foozle, Egghunt, and some Bandersnatching, here are the results!

In joint first place earning 200 unbound credits and 12 Championship points each - Keorin and Taryius!
3rd: earning 150 unbound credits and 8 Championship points - Atalkez
4th: earning 125 unbound credits and 6 Championship points - Crixos
5th: earning 100 unbound credits and 5 Championship points - Aroan, Eryl, and Zenui
8th: earning 25 unbound credits and 2 Championship points - Fen
9th: earning 10 unbound credits and 1 Championship points - Imyrr
10th earning 10 unbound credits and 0.5 Championship points - Kaden

As this is only the first day of the Championship Games, the Staff is still anyone's game!

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Year 852: Non-Championship Events

With all of the Championship Game previews out of the way, I'm pleased to be announcing the non-championship events taking place throughout Year 852.

All of the following can also be found on UPCOMING.

Monday 22nd February at 14:00 GMT - Itinerant Bazaar #1

Thursday 25th February at 22:00 - Ship Arena battle

  • The winner of this battle will receive an artefact dragon tear vat!

Friday 26th February at 01:00 - Ship Races

  • The winner will be awarded a figurehead of Aeolos with Mayan Crown prizes for 2nd and 3rd place!

Friday 26th February at 22:00 - Riddles!

  • A practice riddle followed by a master riddle, with prizes for the top 3!

Saturday 27th February at 21:00 GMT - Itinerant Bazaar #2

I would highly recommend looking over HELP BAZAAR, HELP RIDDLE, HELP SHIP ARENA, and HELP SHIP RACE!

NOTE: None of these contests award Championship Points!

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Championship Games: Race Around the World!

This is a team race that will combine the tumble race and the ship race into one mad dash across and around Sapience!

Each Team has their champion competitor and a supporting crew.
Each Team must list who their champion is.
Only one Championship points competitor permitted per ship.
Each Team must list their crew mates.
Each Team must list the shipID upon the ship they will use to sail.
Please send signups via letter to Tharos.

Teams may use any ship type, but the size of your team you can have aboard will be affected by this choice!

Cutter: 4 person team
Strider: 7 person team
Galleon: 12 person team

These numbers do include the champion and are the maximum number of members.

If you want to be a team of one, that is absolutely fine!

Your ship must be docked at Tasur'ke prior to the start of the race.

Shipreturn will be disabled for the duration of the race.

All Champions and crew begin at Thraasi harbour and will tumble-race across the continent to the finish line in Tasur'ke where the sailing portion of the race begins.

A ship cannot cast off until the entire team is aboard.

The finish line is completing docking in Thraasi harbour.

Only ships and crews involved in the event may interfere with one another, fighting between racing ships is acceptable.

Each ship may choose whether they wish to take the open waters south around the continent, or brave the chops north into the frigid Borean ocean.

If you sink you can start on another ship in Tasur'ke harbour (provided you have one), or your race is over.

Your progress towards the destination will still count, so if everyone sinks, you may still be in a points winning position.

Championship points and credits will be awarded to the top ten finishers

See HELP TUMBLERACE for all details of what to expect here, the sailing portion will be entirely freeform and will NOT have the shiprace markers/finish/start lines.

Any circumvention of the rules will disqualify all aboard.

UPCOMING has the exact date and time!

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Championship Games: XP contest

Hi everyone!

Carrying on our Championship Games preview series, today I have info on the XP Event!

This XP Event will be a 6 hour total hunting time which can be undertaken during the XP Event windows scheduled on UPCOMING.

You do NOT have to complete all 6 hours in one sitting, but you cannot hunt for less than 1 hour total at any one time.

This time around, points awarded will vary based on the continent or plane you are on and roughly correspond to the level of danger you are in from other players while hunting, with higher danger being more rewarding.

These modifiers are an adjustment to base point value and will show on SURVEY while the event is active:

Mainland Sapience: 125%
Other continents that are not outer islands: 80%
Outer Islands / Diving: 30%
Annwyn or the Underworld: 150%
Any other plane: 100%

As an example, if a denizen is typically worth 40 points (a sample value), then killing it on mainland Sapience will award 50 points, but an outer island would make it 13 points.

Syntaxes for the event are below:

XPEVENT JOIN will mark you as a participant and will begin your first hour-long hunting window.

XPEVENT ENTER will start one of your successive, hour-long bashing windows.

NOTE: This will be for hour 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Please use JOIN for the first hour.

XPEVENT WHO will lists players who are currently using their XPEVENT window.


See HELP XPEVENT for more details, and happy preparations!

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