Crafting Contests Results!

Amarisse has judged and decide the winners for the Cooking and Furnishing design contests!

The cooking theme was SAVOURY and the mandatory ingredient was PEAR.
The furnishing theme was GIANT and the mandatory material was BONE.

Thanks to everyone who made a submission, the winning designers are as follows:

Category: Licensed Cook

1st place is Skye!
2nd place is Stheno!
3rd place is Halos!

Category: Unlicensed Cook

1st place is Jurixe!
2nd place is Frances!
3rd place is Crixos!

Category: Licensed Furnisher

1st place is Shirszae!
2nd place is Skye!
3rd place is Ellodin!

Category: Unlicensed Furnisher

1st place is Jurixe!
2nd place is Stefana!
3rd place is Frances!

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Foragers is a system that allows dispatching a group to passively gather commodities from a given location. Naturally, the area they are dispatched to must actually contain that commodity and it must be in season!

Your own foragers will be in competition with other adventurers' foraging parties and depending on the approach taken, it is quite possible for violence to break out over commodity acquisition.

The commodities acquired via foraging will be wood and fibre. Wood is as it always has been, while fibre is a precursor component to cloth and rope - this base fibre can be refined into the finished commodity. See HELP RAW COMMODITIES for details.

Foragers can be commissioned using the FORAGER COMMISSION command - this only works in certain suitable locations and costs 1000 gold per forager, up to a total of five.

Tsol'aa foragers can be commissioned in the Aalen before a redwood stump.

Theran collectors can be commissioned in New Thera, before the woodcutter's cottage.

Goblin pillagers can be commissioned when approaching a small village, just north of the Dakhota hills.

Commissioning foragers for the first time will automatically provide a band of five units. Subsequent commissions will attempt to fill out your party back to its maximum in the event losses are sustained while in the field!

Foragers are always commissioned at level 1, and level up by carrying out foraging activities.

Show the various status of your foragers, including their type, current level, current health, attitude, and whether they are deployed in a given area.

Dispatch your foragers to an area.
This will have a gold cost, 10 * level per forager.

ATTITUDE determines how your foragers approach their task.

HELP FORAGERS contains a full breakdown of attitude and effects, along with all other relevant information!


As with leather recently, this does mean that wood, cloth, and rope are no longer available for sale in the commodity shops across Achaea. All numbers have been checked and rechecked to ensure that forager gathering potential retains parity with the amount of these commodities that can be obtained monthly through the old system.

Fibre is foraged in grassy areas and can be collected in the summer or autumn.

Wood is found in wooded areas (jungles, forests, etc) and can be foraged in autumn and winter months.

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Crafting Contests #1

Amarisse has judged and decide the winners for the Tailoring and Jewellery design contests!

The tailoring theme was MOTION and the mandatory material was SILK.
The jewellery theme was ASYMMETRY and the mandatory material was NON-PRECIOUS STONES.

Category: Licensed Tailor

1st place is Stheno!
2nd place is Truax!
3rd place is Kairula!

Category: Unlicensed Tailor

1st place is Alasiel!
2nd place is Marcella!
3rd place is Azazell!

Category: Licensed Jeweller

1st place is Stheno!
2nd place is Ellodin!
3rd place is Ryx!

Category: Unlicensed Jeweller

1st place is Laedha!
2nd place is Mezghar!
3rd place is Stefana!

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Great Hunt Results!

The Great Hunt has now concluded, after a relentless 24 hours of hunting in which hundreds of millions of experience was earned!

Our congratulations go out to Penwize, Sophi, and Frances, the winners in their experience tiers claiming the grand prize of five hundred credits each!

Credit prizes have also been awarded to the top nine hunters in the tiers!

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It’s Our Birthday!

Achaea turns 22 years old this month, and as is birthday tradition, we're celebrating with an action-packed September full of games, events, a daily quest, crafting contests, and even a capture the flag to round it all off! Why not commission a birthday cocktail from your local Beverages specialist and celebrate in style?

Here's a very brief overview of some of the plans for the month, more will be added as the month rolls on, so keep an eye on the announce board and UPCOMING so you don't miss out!

Tharos will also be running plenty of worldgames for special prizes all through September! 

September 1st
Amarisse unleashes a quest you can complete everyday! Do so 22 times and earn a reward at the end of the month!
Two design contests focussing on tailoring and jewellery will be announced by Amarisse.
Design contests all month will be two tiered, so that those who are experienced with the tradeskill are not pitted against those who have no familiarity. Everyone is welcome to submit designs! 

September 7th
A 24 hour Great Hunt begins, complete with caves! Take part to win credit prizes!
Amarisse's first two contests close. 

September 8th
Winners are announced for the tailoring and jewellery contests, the details for the cooking and furnishing contests will be announced! 

September 9th - It's our birthday!
Don't forget to use the HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA command on this day only! 

September 14th
Cooking and furnishing design contests close. 

September 15th
Winners for the cooking and furnishing design contests will be announced.
Contests for vessels and beverage design open! 

September 21st
Vessels and beverage design contests close. 

September 22nd
Winners for the vessels and beverage design contests will be announced. Contests for artistry and sculpture design open! The sculpture design contest will only have one tier of competition as there is no sculpture tradeskill.

September 28th
Artistry and sculpture design contests close, winners will be announced.
Finale weekend begins, stay tuned for more details!

September 29th
Along with the grand finale of contests, we'll also be having a CTF! 

This is just the very basic listing of September fun, so keep your eyes peeled in game as the days go by and don't miss out!

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Being drunk is no longer just a hobby, now it's a formal profession! Take up the skill of Beverages and produce a vast variety of venerable victuals! Whether you're a modest mixer of milkshakes or an aspiring wine merchant, this is the skill for you!

Beverages is a design based skill centred around the production of unique and interesting drinks AND vessels to contain them.

Within, similar to seafaring, specialisations exist allowing the budding brewer to decide between a range of different products they'd like to focus on! 

Much like Artistry, it's our hope that the Beverages skill will fill an as-yet unfulfilled niche in the crafter's portfolio - offering a venue for self expression and creativity through the medium of drinks! 

The skill can be gained from Amarisse in the usual fashion, and the various apparatus and equipment required will all be available for sale once the skill is formally released to the public. 

While similar to other design based crafts, Beverages does have some core differences of note, namely the vessel creation process (this is designed as normal and various denizens around the world actually do the creation), and the various aspects and properties of the drink itself. HELP BEVERAGES , HELP BEVERAGE DESIGN, and HELP VESSEL DESIGN are now LIVE for your perusal.

These contain everything there is to know about the new skill, how it works, how to design and create and age and everything else!

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