May in Achaea!

For the duration of May polymegahedral dice can be bought singly, or in groups of 5, 10, 25, or 50, each group with an increased discount. These purchases also award House and City credits, and for Iron Elite members, every 10 you purchase grants you an extra die! We also have two new legend deck suits!

You can roll up to five dice at one time.

DICE ROLL [number of dice to roll (defaults to 1 if unspecified)]
For each two dice rolled in combination in this way you will receive 1 racetrack ticket (so 1 ticket if you roll 2 or 3 in combination, 2 tickets if you roll 4). There is a bonus for rolling all 5 together, so you will receive 3 racetrack tickets if you roll 5 dice together. Each dice rolled (alone or with other dice) also awards you with 1 raffle ticket*.

Dice currently have six sides. The prizes for each side are as follows (and yes, these dice are weighted).

1: Credits (between 30 and 50).

2: Interlocked caches (Elemental, Races, and Planes).
On cache open the Elemental, Races, and Planes sets have a 25% chance to give a second piece.

3: Legend Deck card sleeves including our new Hunterblood and Huntersoul suits!

4: 1 or 2 Mayan crowns

5: 50 to 80 customisation credits

6: One of: a silver giftbox, a golden giftbox, a bronze giftbox, or 100 credits.

Every 500 dice rolled (gamewide), the lucky roller will also receive 500 credits on top of their standard prizes.

There is a very small chance for a particularly lucky dice to land on its corner. This dice will pay out a platinum giftbox instead of its standard prize!

All of these credits for the above prizes are unbound.

HELP POLYMEGAHEDRAL DICE has all of this information!

As mentioned above we have added two new legend deck card suits to the sleeve options! (These details can also be found in HELP LEGENDDECK.)

The Hunterblood Suit features the Hippo, the Leopard, the Eagle, and the Centaur. The Eel is its joker.

The Huntersoul Suit features the Bear, the Scorpion, the Alligator, and the White Wolf. The Jarbo is its joker.

Throw someone in a specified direction.
Stopped by standard antibeckon things (walls, block, prone etc).
Basically requires you be able to move that way.
2 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Draw it in a given direction to freeze ground in that adjacent location.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Grants 10% lightning resistence when flying, lasts 1 minute.
This will show on DEFS as eaglelegend.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Useable on someone in the sky above you and pulls them down like a tentacle tattoo.
Instead of balance knock it can do one of the following (same chance for each to occur):
Balance knock like tentacle.
A short stun.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

(J) Eel
Regenerates 1 charge every 12 hours.

Draw this card to sense everyone afflicted with the stink affliction.
Works across planes, but not on people in beds and similar no farsee locations.
5 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Draw it in a direction and it will put firewalls in that direction's line of sight up to 3 rooms away if a wall can be raised.
2 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Significantly reduces the effect of currents upon you while its in play. Lasts 1 minute.
This will show on DEFS as alligatorlegend.
3 charges, regens 1 per hour.

Draw this card to grant yourself the wolflegend defence.
This defence lasts 40 seconds.
If you strike someone's parry while you have this defence, you will passively cure an affliction.
This cure has a 30 second cooldown.
1 charges, regens every 2 hours.

(J) Jarbo
Regenerates 1 charge every 12 hours.

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Changelog – 2022/04/19

  • Prasset Isle is now considered an outer island, as it should be.
  • Squint cooldown will now respect shimmering tetracontakaidigonal prisms.
  • ECHO is no longer blocked by stun.
  • The banking artefact will no longer unintentionally exempt users from bank fees.
  • Huskmaker will no longer miss a majority of attacks when used as a spear.
  • The issue that occasionally occurs preventing you from being able to gain a class in an empty slot for no apparent reason will no longer happen.
  • The acrobatics defence is now cleared correctly on the relevant ritual of subversion ending.
  • Knight report no longer shows the health of dead people (spoiler: its 0).
  • Guided strike can now be activated while graced.
  • Accursed arise now correctly only conveys the crypt bonus if the crypt belongs to the owner.
  • The human command no longer gives a misleading output when in dust form.
  • Armytell now correctly compares speaker's phased status to that of people hearing them speak.
  • Empty writhe now correctly clears predicted writhe afflictions.
  • The ECHO command now works while stunned.
  • More rogue Chivalry references in various messages have been destroyed.
  • DESIGN UNCLAIMED has been added to the design syntax! When at the appropriate union location, this command will show any of your designs that have been approved and are waiting to be claimed!
  • DESIGN FLUID has been added to the DESIGN syntax!
  • You can no longer spam eagle warhawk to have your eagles description get appended to itself infinitely and be like 3 pages long Atalkez.
  • Various rubble creation skills and similar no longer pointlessly double up rubble on a direction. Notably, dalamyrr claws talisman.
  • Azdun choke creepers no longer have the miraculous ability to touch shield tattoos with their distinct lack of hands.
  • Drawing the Polyhymnia card is now an aggressive action.
  • The indifference affliction now has a default priority, so serverside curing won't ignore it if you don't set one yourself
  • Tekura WRENCH now unmasks the requirement affliction to serverside curing if successful. This is most relevant for WRENCH TORSO.
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The Pact Renewed

Wrought first in strange Spirit, with a core unbroken.
Woven second in Fundament, with ascendancy in unison.
Wrought third for Long War, with Three and then Two.
Withdrawn from all battle, rejecting Creator eternal.


In a black expanse before the glimmering spheres and spire of Celestia, the citizens of the Dawnspear were given a charge by the Lightbringer and the Righteous Fire. For it had been in times long past that the Mount's great Domarchs had forged their pact with the ancient Church, a bond deeper than the very soul between priest and seraph, mortal and angel. Yet with the destruction of the Empyreal Assembly, lost House of sunken Shallam, what was sacred became profane and what was bond became thread, a tie frayed to uttermost breaking.

Haunted by the horrors of a future already near-woven into Fate's skein, the devoted priests and scholars of Targossas pushed on to study all that they can on Celestia and the history of their forebearers. Choosing knowledge as their weapon, they sought out Ayadai, the Soothsayer.

And so came the rite. It would be no debauched revel, nor gluttonous boast, but a sacred cleansing first in waters made holy by Light and then in fires made pure by Righteousness. Bestriding the emerald hues of the deeper Descent, it was the Staff to which the celebrants turned, that which in clarion ascendance laid claim upon the bonds between Dawnspear and Celestia, between Priest and Seraph as the crowns of a time now past. With their whispered prayers to the Bloodsworn Divine upon lips and thoughts, Targossas and her people watched the empyrean fire surge forth, rising into the skies over the silver-bright city.

It was for near a full day that the Lady Aurora and Lord Deucalion did parley the case of Their holy city with a Domarch of the Empyrean Mountain. Wary of the Prime and its inhabitants, cesspools of Anathema, it became the assurances of Divinity and acts of Mortality that would weave for Celestia a fresh accord.

And so when the chime of the Pact Renewed tolled across Creation's expanse, the last creations of Proteus were once more in harmony with their mortal agents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Targossas sought to renew the ancient pact that bound the Empyreal Assembly to Celestia. After performing a holy ritual in the depths of the Descent, the Dawnspear was able to connect with Celestia, allowing Aurora, Goddess of Light and Deucalion, the Righteous Fire to settle on terms and formalize a new accord.

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Bank On It!

As some noticed earlier (we've got our eyes on you Eoka, Ramarn, and Iaxus) we're reopening the Delosian Bank Vaults and their keys to join April's artecart and lesson sale!

The Delosian bank has a number of derelict vaults and these can only be opened with keys. Keys can be purchased from the website at and you can earn pieces of keys by capping your renown each day! 4 of these pieces makes a whole key, and you can also buy key pieces on the website too!

When you have a complete key you can visit the bank in Delos, where they will have a set of 64 vault doors waiting to be unlocked (in an 8x8 grid). The prize list that is hidden behind the locked doors is specific, you can see the full list below and at HELP DELOSBANKVAULT. Before you choose which door to open you can even see what has been won from already opened doors!

When there are no prizes left, when the special prize has been claimed, or on the first of the month, the bank will reset the vault contents to full once more! There is a game announce when this happens!

DELOSBANK OPEN NUMBER <#> - open a specific unopened vault
DELOSBANK OPEN - open an unopened vault by coordinates
DELOSBANK OPENED - list all opened vaults
DELOSBANK CLOSED - list vaults still to be opened
DELOSBANK / - view a specific vault

See HELP DELOS BANK VAULT for all of the details on prizes and commands!

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April in Achaea!

Hey everyone,

The Artefact Cart is returning to alongside repriced lesson packages! This is the perfect month to pick up that new class!

For those of you unfamiliar (or who just want a refresher), the Artefact Cart lets you add your artefacts to your shopping cart on the website and purchase them at a discounted rate directly (30% discount by default, 40% if the purchaser has an iron elite membership). Do note that you do need to be logged in on the website to buy artefacts in this way, so to be sure that your elite bonus always applies if applicable!

On top of the standard 30/40% discount, we're also discounting select artefact categories throughout the month.

1st through 7th - Offensive artefacts and Stat and Regen artefacts.
8th through 14th - Defensive artefacts and artefact armour.
15th through 21st - Miscellaneous artefacts and Crafting and Tradeskill artefacts.
22nd to end of month - All class artefacts.

In addition to this, all artefacts in the Delosian shops will be 20% cheaper for the month! This is a flat discount that won't scale with anything else. This includes the talisman shop but does not include partial completions for a variety of reasons.

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The Unbroken Vow

"You are too valuable to risk before the first and final sword is drawn. Sentiment clouds your otherwise flawless judgement in this matter. Set it aside."

The rebuke was spoken without inflection, and yet it provoked an immediate tension among the strange congregation who stood atop a lone isle of dark stone amidst a sea of abyssal black. The day had been long and full of unpleasant surprises already, and these men and women were swiftly roused to wrath even when otherwise content.

If not for the hallowed ground upon which they stood, perhaps things would have been different. Yet not even the Desolation would spill blood at the foot of the Final Throne, and so war was waged with words instead of blade or spell.

Yet at the last it was the speaker who got his way, for the black will that drove them spoke His dire decree:

"My Unbroken Hand. You will make the journey, alone. Make arrangements."

So it was set into motion.

It was a day like many of late for Dawnlord Atalkez Al'Jafri. The battles with the servants of the Enemy had been hard fought, but fought they had been and fought they would be. It was in one of the few lulls between the clash of sword and sacred prayer against twisted sorcery and profaned iron that the first sign that something was wrong occurred.

Without warning or implication, a burning eye tore itself open in mid-air to gaze upon the Avatar of Light. A vigil full of some malevolent purpose, utterly focussed upon him and him alone.

The Dawnlord readied himself for battle, for he was no stranger to unconventional attacks. Was this some new demonic working of the Western Isle? Some accursed sorcery of the mad Occultists? Perhaps even something cooked up in the immoral depths of the Hashan Laboratory?

It did not matter. It would find no easy victory here, only fire, and light, and steel.

Yet the eye only stared at him for a long moment before vanishing. A warning? A retreat? Something else?

The Dawnlord didn't know, but with the instincts of a veteran he knew: it was nothing good, and only the beginning.

Unfortunately, he was right.

The High Priest of Oblivion was a rather elusive foe. Often spending long periods secluded behind ward and worse, it was a rare opportunity when he was out in the open and vulnerable without good reason.

The forces of the Bloodsworn were not willing to waste the opportunity. One clash had ended in his escape, but they had planned this time.

Yet as the first blow landed upon the scowling priestess who had accompanied the Supreme Pontiff, something unexpected took place. Both Mordanyconus and Zeyeran vanished with a sound like glass shattering, illusion unwinding and dispersing as it came under attack. Somehow, the High Priest had known. Betrayal? Subterfuge? Luck? Questions that will need to be answered in the days ahead, but it was what came next that will be most on the minds of the enemies of the Mad God.

As profane fires burned and power anathema shattered flesh and bone beneath the emotionless eye of the nightmare clad in a man's flesh, and as Redeemer did battle with the irredeemable: a lone question remains.

What new horror has been unleashed upon the Inner Planes, and for what terrible purpose?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Upon the Bloodsworn's return to the Inner Planes, an agent was directed to make way to the Inner Planes by one of Their enemies. This came to a head in the manifestation of an entity calling himself the Unbroken within the Mhojave Desert, though his mission yet remains unclear.

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