5 Surefire Ways to Fail in Achaean Leadership

Everyone who has never been a leader of an organisation has a secret list of things they would do if they ever had the chance to be in charge. Not everyone realizes or even admits to having one, but really. They do. We all do. If the following show up on your list then work quickly, as you may find yourself out the door before you really get started.

Assume everyone is on your side.

Even if you win by a landslide, it’s no guarantee that every single person voted for you. Even if they did, there’s someone envying you right now. Never assume anything. Always watch your back, because nobody is going to watch it for you. Leadership can be a desolate, albeit rewarding existence. If you find yourself lonely and in need of companionship, buy a pet.

Use an organisation’s accounts to fund your personal ventures.

With all these new bank accounts at your disposal now you can polish off everything on your wish list, right? Wrong! The organisation will miss the funds thanks to automatic messages sent to other high-ranking members. If you plan to pilfer funds then do it right with some creative bookkeeping. Start paying yourself for chores associated with your position, and don’t skimp on it! They can afford you, and you're worth it.

Make new rules. Change them again. Then change them back.

Rules are made to be broken, not changed. Too much change gives the organisation an air of instability. If leaders don’t know what they want from their members, how are members supposed to give leaders what they want? On this same note, don’t punish the entire membership for the misdeeds of one person. If something isn’t broken, it’s almost guaranteed that a leader will break it in the process of trying to fix it. Sit back and assess the state of the organisation. Make a list of things that need change, and spend some time marking which are priorities and which allow a more slack transition.

Romance the lesser ranks.

There's nothing wrong with an age difference between two halves of a couple, but when the gap exists between higher and lower ranking members, it can only cause trouble. Besides the obvious problems like gossip, jealousy and resentment from the other members, organisational rpg romance can also carry long-term effects. If things don't work out a break-up could lead to future awkward situations. If the other lower ranking member is already involved with someone, it could lead to a lot of unnecessary drama if the details came out. As leader, your actions could trickle into the lives of other members and create a hostile work environment. Is that really how you’d like to be remembered?

Attitude is everything.

So many different things affect the tenure of a leader. A primary one is the head of the organisation's attitude. If you are a leader who is positive and tries to see the bright side of situations whenever possible, that attitude will rub off on the other members. Try to be enthusiastic and don’t ask others to do a job you're not willing to do yourself. On the other side of the coin, if you have a negative attitude, focus on the worst possible outcome happening in situations, face each day with dismal apathy and push all the hard work off onto other people, expect to find yourself voted out of the position, and perhaps even organisation itself.

Even the best of leaders can make mistakes, including the ones listed above. The best plan of attack when you find yourself on the path to failure is to pause, contemplate, prioritize and if necessary apologize. And no matter what happens, be honest with everyone -- especially with yourself.

Penelope Swain is a role playing enthusiast who enjoys the best rpg games from Iron Realms!


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8:10 PM

Haven't even read the article yet, but the fact that this is a picture of Silas made me laugh so very, very hard.

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3:21 AM


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11:25 PM

become an archon of ashtan, then defend eleusis against mhaldorian/ashtani raiders


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4:44 AM

I have a better idea, don't become a leader and stealthily manipulate everyone instead.

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4:48 AM

welps thanks for teaching me how not to be a failuer

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5:28 AM

One more thing to add to this article is that if you want t lead an organization, you should not be afraid to lose the position. That fear almost always translates into a reluctance to act on anything because you don't want to lose your station which in turn gets you the boot anyways.

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7:07 AM

Better to let someone else be the leader anyways.

how r u?

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10:10 AM

'If you find yourself lonely and in need of companionship, buy a pet.'
Hey, I think that's what close friends are for. Sure, pets are (usually) cuddly, but they're not so smart, so they probably can't have a decent conversation with you. Leaders can have friends.

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11:28 AM

Poor silas.

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11:58 AM

Did the poster pick the picture? That's kinda Sad given yeah it's Silas'. If she didn't know, maybe it's because the pic looked.. villainy

Little ones, they scream like bunnies~

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12:45 PM

From the probably bitter jab at Silas (with the picture) to the playing with pets, making up rules, squandering money and being a general pedo to your org members this sounds like a few Hashani leaders for sure!

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1:12 PM

It is pretty pathetic that IRE/Achaea would let a personal jab article like this go through to their website.

Halo's picture
2:33 PM

It's all fun and games until someone posts your animated picture of your character and writes an article that has nothing to do with it. Fyi, Silas was a great leader, everyone knows that. I'm sure he's not that sensitive.

Oh, another way to fail as a leader is not having tough skin. Good article!

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1:18 PM

a friendly jab at silas


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1:41 PM

Who is this Penelope Swain anyway?

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3:07 PM

It could very well be retitiled: A Guide to Hashani Politics and not have much changed about it

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12:51 PM

Ha! Smile

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8:37 PM

Note to self... don't have Madelyne pay herself to do anything. There goes that idea in the quest for independent wealth. Heh.

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3:00 AM

Don't play favorites. Nothing more annoying than seeing someone who does nothing in an org get favoured or promoted simply for being a friend of the leader.

Ada's picture
5:34 AM

The article makes sense but using the RP visual image of a prominent former leader is simply uncalled for. The person in question may or may not deserve it but it's certainly distasteful of the administration to have approved it for publication.

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12:43 PM

Don't even try for it...and definitely don't be dumb enough to do it more than once

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1:06 PM

And if you still can win, throw a temper tantrum and leave. This message has been endorsed by 1/3* of all former Achaean leaders.

*Number may or may not be plucked out of thin air.

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10:57 PM

Why's he on there? *shiftyeyes*

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6:12 PM

My second favorite part of the article is how they say 'don't use an orgs funds for personal things' and then goes on to tell you to do just that.

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1:43 PM

Well, there IS big money there just waiting to be grabbed! On a serious note, any leader that respects himself/herself won't do that. You usually join the org which you care for and achieving this high rank is done with your sweat and blood, so stealing is kind of... stupid at that point. Unless you didn't join that org out of 'bond' it has with your character.

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5:40 AM

If you are about to fail anyway you can always imitate Kista and rob the house and then leave. Not that it is a good idea, but it is a choice.

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9:48 PM

Or you can be like Bonko, and rob the House, strand the ship, kill the denizens, empty the armoury, and then leave.

I think there were a couple more. I forget them now.

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9:27 AM

Not sure Kista was the House leader. They changed it after that, only the leader has full access to the org accounts, all others have a monthly withdrawal limit.

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3:13 AM

bad leaders never admit their mistakes or that they're wrong. It takes a lot to suck it up and apologise if you've erred. And don't fall for the 'old boy' system, either.

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4:41 AM

And you're right. It takes a lot of integrity to be stand up and admit to those who you're leading that you are wrong. And no, there is no 'good old boy' system. A million pats on the back and praises for doing a great job can be erased with just one screw-up.

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12:45 AM

Heh, id argue the opposite, There is a God'ol boy club in Achaea... Look at politics...

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8:26 PM

I know Hashan and Cyrene both went through major political turmoil at the same time. I don't know how Hashan's ended up - but in Cyrene, almost our entire government was overhauled rather quickly.

Madelyne's right. A single screw-up can have -massive- effects.

Melodie's picture
7:17 PM

See what you did now? Now you that you said "overhauled", you have to submit the overhauling form of application to a new dimension of re-habitation, in triplicate, to the Senate, every Minister, and myself for prosperity's sake.

While this article seems fairly light-hearted, seeing Silas' picture used is.. interesting..

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5:03 PM

Nothing worse than a leader that can't admit their mistakes..

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4:44 AM

Wouldn't it be smarter to write a post on how to succeed as an Achaean leader? All you do with posts like this is garner negativity toward Achaea.

That's my real comment.

Further, in response to the side-issue of Silas' avatar illustration being used - I never even liked Silas and I still think he was a good leader - regardless, his image was probably only used because he's the only Achaean who has had an illustration become his official representation.

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6:09 AM

http://www.achaea.com/role-playing-games-5-tips-for-effective-leadership was uploaded quite some time ago. So I mean their is one...this one is the same effect, because it is suppose to show you how to do the opposite of what the article is saying. However, it is a deep complex concept. So tread with care.

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9:20 AM

This article is just..

What Cooper said - The article mentions as one of the 'surefire ways to fail in leadership' is using an orgs account to fund your own personal ventures.. Then goes on to explain how to do it but hide it from the others in the organisation. Haha, what?
The picture being Silas is pretty funny (But completely unnecessary and obviously a jab at Silas). I have no idea how this article actually made it onto the website.

Kensei's picture
9:17 AM

I wouldn't think that romancing lower ranks should be an issue, so long as the leader can keep the housefavouring in order...

Favouritism is what will make you fail then.

Fluid's picture
8:41 PM

leadership is not all it's cracked up to be. Too much responsibility, really.

Aisling's picture
12:23 AM

Mean to use Silas' portrait but at least he looks nice in it.

Nona's picture
7:48 AM

What puzzles me so much is the reason why this particular portrait was chosen. Aside for being nice, obviously. I like Silas and i don't think he really failed at leadership. Maybe i don't know about something, or the entire irony is connected to the fact that he was a leader. Either way, i don't feel it.

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6:59 PM

There are many styles of leadership. These "errors" are valid for all of those styles.

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12:14 AM

Nice article, don't think I want to aspire to lead myself!

Ehrlen's picture
2:15 AM

That picture is of an actual character? Damn, that's harsh.

Tinta's picture
3:26 AM

Yup, that's Silas... He's rather well-known...

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12:12 AM

Epic fail.

Kione's picture
11:30 PM

Can anyone summarize Silas's story? I feel as though I'm missing out on something...

Kalush's picture
2:25 PM

There's quite a lot of posts regarding Silas, which you can look up and read.

Ashden's picture
2:27 PM

Enough to fill a day's reading.

Kestyn's picture
9:21 AM

that much reponsibility! Would make things too heavy for me!

Tow's picture
10:01 AM

When I was younger I joined into some leadership elections.
But now I don't dream anymore of becoming Houseleader or so
it would just bring so much fuss and work.
Guess we all had crazy young ambitions,
ofcourse this is easy to say after having served in various leadership positions as orderhead, various secretary positions and Oakstone Hierophant!
Now I just want to enjoy life without too many duties

Lyris's picture
12:07 AM

I'm not so sure about the attitude toward romance. It hasn't hurt many real world leaders and shouldn't harm a good Achaean leader. People tend to overlook matters of the heart if the leader does his or her job well.

Friztic's picture
12:29 PM

I'm happy that I've never encountered such terrible leadership as is talked about in this thread. If it's been in one of my orgs or Cyrene, I've been blissfully ignorant.

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3:00 AM

Nice article, something I'll keep in mind when I start getting into leadership positions

Sryn's picture
12:02 AM

Me too.

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5:06 PM

I think leadership in a text game is more of a waste of time than it's merits.

Sryn's picture
1:36 AM

Work in a game... sounds rather contradictory.

Tzond's picture
7:09 AM

Being in charge of something can be a nice change of pace from the usual hum-drum activities but it is definitely a lot of stress, I dont think I would ever want to be the one in charge maybe just like a helper to them or something

Naheem's picture
1:48 PM

Agreed. Way too much responsibility and work. I would much rather just help whenever I could and not be on call all day. Still, it does help to have some reliable aides and stuff.

Isamo's picture
8:02 PM

Of course, on the other hand, it teaches you a lot about how to manage people in an environment where the consequences are minimal.

Sryn's picture
4:10 AM

It lacks the effect of real charisma.

Kass's picture
11:42 PM

You can see them everywhere in games...