Connecting to Achaea

The easiest way to play Achaea is using our custom-made HTML5 or Flash clients that run in your browser. We highly recommend using these clients to connect to Achaea, as they are coded specifically for Iron Realms text games and do not require you to install additional software. Click on the 'Play Now' menu item above, and it will automatically open the Flash client and connect you to Achaea within a browser window.

There are a number of alternative clients available online, designed for users at all levels of experience. Some of the more popular choices among Achaea's players are:

The basic information you will need when connecting through these clients is:

  • Host: (or use IP:
  • Port: 23

Want to play Achaea on the go? Our first mobile client is available for Android phones!

You may also wish to browse the Client Help section of our player forums for further assistance in using the above clients with Achaea.

Additional Tools

We offer two downloadable additions for your browsers to help you keep up-to-date with news and other happenings in Iron Realms' text games: the Firefox toolbar and the Chrome extension.