Ashtan, Bastion of the North

12.3.1 Ashtan, Bastion of the North

Ashtan, Bastion of the North, lies on the northwest shore of the inhabited part
of the continent of Sapience. Due to its seaport on the Sapphire Sea and its
proximity to the fertile Sangre Plains, Ashtan has been a dominant power on the
continent since the days of legend.

Ashtan has always placed great emphasis on the ability of the individual to
affect his own destiny. The single dictum is "freedom." Freedom to be good or
evil, freedom to be weak or strong, freedom to choose, for yourself, the life
you wish to live. Despite their different ideologies, Ashtanites often assist
each other in matters large and small, knowing that a strong and united city
gives them the power to pursue their personal goals to their fullest. Ashtan's
laws are inscribed upon the Pillars of Ashtan, due north of the city gates. The
simplicity of Ashtan's legal code is intentional. The only acceptable laws are
ones that protect the well-being of the citizens, rather than yards of
legislature dictating morality or alignment.

Historically, Ashtan has been home to some of the greatest warriors, statesmen,
and philosophers of Achaea. From the valiant King Tephicles to the wise King
Martin; from the resistance fighter Zarathustra to the technical genius Emmett
Bowing; from the mighty founder Glanos to the legendary Servelan de Vermiis,
Ashtan has produced some of the giants of history. In modern times, Ashtan is
home to several Houses: the mysterious Occultists, the subtle Shadowsnakes, the
arcane Warlocks, the warlike Ashura monks, and a strong community of people who
have rejected their old Houses or cities in favour of Ashtan's offer of